April 27 episode: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

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Just found this about the April 27th epi and wanted to pass it along.

THE FASTEST YEAR: Abby (Maura Tierney) plays with fire when she intercedes on behalf of a sick young girl (guest star Dakota Fanning) who needs a bone marrow transplant, but the most eligible donor is her half-sister (guest star Julie Marie Berman) whose divorced mother (guest star Sydney Walsh) refuses to okay the procedure out of spite for the girl's father (guest star Steven Flynn) who's her ex-husband. In another family, Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) admits his pneumonia-ridden father (guest star John Cullum) into the hospital and shares a rare but memorable father-son moment as the older man's time begins to wind down. Dr. Kovac (Goran Visnjic) gallantly offers to help Nurse Hathaway (Julianna Marguiles) buy a used car and they enjoy their spring day on the town. Likewise, a daytripping Dr. Benton (Eriq LaSalle) takes Dr. Finch (Michael Michele) out to Los Angeles to visit his toddler son and meet his sister Jackie (guest star Khandi Alexander) who can't help but interrogate his guest. Dr. Carter (Noah Wyle) is tormented by visions of his recent brush with death and draws Dr. Weaver's (Laura Innes) concern upon her return.


-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), April 12, 2000


Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

>>Carter (Noah Wyle) is tormented by visions of his recent brush with death and draws Dr. Weaver's (Laura Innes) concern upon her return. <<

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Listen to the roar of the collective sigh of relief of millions of ER fans across North America...

-- debbie (riccardoiii@aol.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

Oooh.. reprecussions! I'm am looking forward to seeing Carter and Weaver talk about this. Can not wait!

-- Samira (matb_west@chickmail.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

I typed the above as I read it and said "finally" out loud when I FINALLY saw Carter's name in the last sentence. Wow! A lot going on: Mark's Dad, Kerry back, Carter acting out, when did both Reese and Jackie move to LA? (I swear that's what it says), where's Elizabeth, no mention of Romano. I almost gagged when it mentioned the two couples: Carol and Luka (I like him, just not with her...I'd hoped with Lucy but that's never going to happen now) and Benton and Cleo (moving pretty fast there guys). The story line in the first sentence seems interesting...and that's their run-on sentence, not mine, though I certainly am capable of writing one of my own as you can tell from this one. This epi sounds great!

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

Finally!!! I just hope it's not JUST Kerry who helps him out. I guess Carol will be out of the picture since she's leaving in like 2 episodes, and WHAT is she doing with Luka? She IS going to Doug soon isn't she? (If they fool us with that last preview, I will be very pissed, except maybe she decides not to leave and so he comes out and gets her).

No one thinks they'll get Carter with Kerry do they? SHe can be motherly, but if anything else happens, oh, just please don't let them go there!

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)


Arrows. Shooting into. My heart. Maybe Doug gets word of this and comes rushing back, alarmed that she may be falling for somebody else? We can only hope!!

-- Arianne (CarolRossSusanGreene@yahoo.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

Maybe I will have to regret my doubt about being bipolar. Wow, this could lead into so many things, I cannot wait. (and then I won't be able to wait 'til next year!)

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

Sorry, last comment. Visions...? As in, visions of Lucy? Lying there? I hope so (this all sounds very dramatic!)

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

I'm with you Elaine! I got so excited when I read the last lines of the spoiler - and I'm hoping (hoping *oh so much*!) that Lucy gets mentioned in that episode somewhere (prefurrably by Carter). Crossing my fingers.

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

I think it would be overkill if they made Carter bipolar. After all isn't physical pain, Post traumatic stress syndrome and Survivors guilt. It appears the first two are definatly going to happen. I won't like it if they add bipolar to the mix. He is going to be in enough pain and turmoil with out it.

I'm glad Kerry is going to try helping Carter out. I'm all for Carter/Kerry eventually getting together. However, he needs to recover first.


-- Brenda (jckwfan@aol.com), April 12, 2000.

Response to April 27 epi: The Fastest Year (*SPOILERS!*)

To echo an earlier question - When did Carla/Reese and Jackie move to LA? Could it be that Reese is with Jackie? Hard to believe since Peter begged Carla not to take his boy where he couldn't see him all the time and now the kid is in California with Aunt Jackie or whoever.

-- Linda (l.brown@mindspring.com), April 12, 2000.

Sounds great! I totally agree with Brenda about the bipolar thing. what could they do with that in the long term? I think that is a pretty serious condition. And I'm so glad Kerry is going to come to his recscue...she seems to be only one that had a clue that he may be going through some turmoil after nearly being killed! As you all are, I was totally confused by the Reese in LA deal. I still think (I mentioned this in a previous post) they may be heading to an assisted suicide(or suicide) with David Greene. Can't wait to see what happens!!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), April 13, 2000.

This episode definitely sounds like the one we have been waiting for. Maybe Carol is buying a reliable car so that she can drive across the country to be with her soon-to-be husband, Doug (We can hope!). As for Carter, I have stated before that he is my favorite character and I hope that he gets help with his problems. I hope that he is not bipolar. My ex-boyfriend in college was bipolar, and he was extremely violent. I don't see any similarities in the way he acted and the way Carter is acting. I agree that his condition sounds more like post- traumatic stress syndrome. Anyway, I'm glad that TPTB are finally going to start dealing with his feelings about the incident. I can't wait for these next few episodes (including tonight's).

-- Katrina (cattrek@ga.freei.net), April 13, 2000.

Another spoiler from TVGuide.com:

As Weaver returns to work, Greene's father develops pneumonia; a 5- year-old's leukemia returns; an elderly couple come in for treatment; Kovac helps Hathaway buy a car.

Not really much new there, but thought I'd post it anyway.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), April 13, 2000.

I am all for the Kerry support for Carter, but as I've said many times, I hope she's not the ONLY one. I REALLY REALLY hope Benton jumps in when he notices Carter acting weird, and maybe even Deb or even Malucchi helping would be good. I really wish Mark could help out, I've enjoyed his pep talks to Carter (the very first show, after Carter sees his first serious GSW and Mark relaxes him, Gant's death, many others) and even Carol...hey they could have a heart to heart before she leaves. I know Mark and Carol are both preoccupied, but we need some between character bonding too.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), April 13, 2000.

It's really boggled my mind that the people Carter's worked the most with have done nothing but ignore him, or treat him as if nothing has happened. Benton-- I see we've returned to the former stalemate relationship when he dismissed Carter from the exam room, and I felt bad for Carter because I thought he was so cute when he was sympathizing with him. Mark-- what was up with him?? Wasnt' Mark the one who sort of guided Carter through the ER int he beginning, and he's said absolutely NOTHING to Carter except some lame "you don't have to prove yourself". Really amazing.

-- samira (matb_west@chickmail.com), April 13, 2000.

The fact that I jumped up and down the minute I saw the word "tormented" is just scary. TORMENTED!!! OH YEAH!!! This is getting to be too much!

-- j (bucklind@hotmail.com), April 13, 2000.

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Carter is finally having some guilt problems. I'm also glad that Kerry is gonna help him out. But guys. this thing about him and Kerry geting together, I just cannot see it. Not only does Carter seem to be into blonds, but come on, it's KERRY. Oh well, that's just my opinion. And what's this with Carol and Luka? I really hope nothing happens between them. That would just be said, not only for all of us in favor of her and Doug getting back together, but I feel said for Luka, because Carol is the only one he is really friends with at the hospital, and when she leaves, who's he gonna talk to? Abby?


-- Amy (areinders@hotmail.com), April 13, 2000.

Regarding Luka and Carol: I think the story line is leading to a brief relationship between Luka and Carol... and in the end, she will realize that no one could ever take Doug's place. Her relationship with Luka will help her decide. As for what will become of Luka after that... I'm sure he will be fine. He's strong, he's a survivor. I'm looking forward to next season to see his character develop... there's so much potential.. AND.. he was incredibly handsome tonight! :)

As far as Carter becoming bi-polar, I don't see it. As many have already noted in other discussions, he really doesn't have the symptoms and I would hate to see his character strapped with the dx of manic- depressive for the rest of his days on ER. In order for his character to really be manic depressive, we would need to see a lot more mania going on. Carter has always been somewhat meloncholic, but I don't recall him ever exhibiting symptoms of mania. Now, if he goes on a spending spree with Gamma's money, sleeps with anything and everything in a skirt, suddenly turns into a self centered know it all (Romano?), then I might begin to see it. Post traumatic distress disorder is more in line with the history of what's happened with his character, before and after the stabbing. But hey.. the writers don't have to follow the medical rules the rest of us live by.. :)


-- Moira (sthores2@css.edu), April 13, 2000.

I heard Carol couldn't afford the nanny any longuer. How an she afford a new car? Maybe it's a set up for Carol & Luka to be alone together to dot a few i's and cross a few t's, since someone else is buying the car for her.....

-- ap (apruden@yahoo.com), April 14, 2000.

I know the title of the epi is usually significant. I'm wondering if this one has to do with Mark's last year with his dad?

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), April 14, 2000.

Yes Diana, I thought maybe with the title that maybe Mark's Dad only had one year to live and now that he develops pneumonia, maybe he will not make it and thus, making his last year of living "The Fastest Year". Hmmmm, makes you wonder.

-- Paula (pbranden@dwave.net), April 16, 2000.

I'm just wondering if the title 'The Fastest Year' has anything to do with the twins turning one year old?? maybe that is what it is all about? Hmmmm i don't think i can hang on for another two days!!!

-- Heather (charliegirll@hotmail.com), April 19, 2000.

Heather, oooh, I hate to have to tell you this: it's another week before we'll see "The Fastest Year!" This week's epi is a rerun ("Humpty Dumpty"). Sorry for the bad news.

-- Diana (dilynne@juno.com), April 19, 2000.

POSSIBLE SPOILER, in case you didn't want to know this...

David Greene appears in the episode following "The Fastest Year," so we will have to wait to see if he is the person who commits suicide. I've also heard rumors on other message boards that Carter leaves the hospital suddenly in the middle of a shift and can't be found, and everyone's worried that he's done something crazy.

-- Rachel Williams (row4d@hotmail.com), April 21, 2000.

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