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Pictures or information of a Depot (Built in 1891) in Cooper Heights, Ga. This is the old Rocky Ford Road, now the intersection of 193 and 136. Any information on this would be of great help.

-- Larry D. Searcy (, April 12, 2000


I ran across this post and I was wondering if you had any success finding a picture of the Cooper Heights depot? Most people on this list probably donít have a clue where you are talking about because Cooper Heights was on the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway. Southern did purchase TAG in 1971 Ė with the intention of pulling it up to kill the competition - but by that time, most of the depots were gone. At any rate, I have pictures of some of the Georgia depots in the Chattanooga Valley such as Eagle Cliff, Cenchat, Cassandra, Kensington, Tunnel and Menlo. Other places like Flintstone, Cooper Heights, and Estelle etc. elude me.

-- Warren D. Stephens (, December 16, 2004.

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