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My son over the past three years has got himself into some debt ,which has been registered with Experion of nottingham England. these debts have now been paid of in full and he is now clear of debt.But cannot get a mortgage from the big mortgage lenders ex Halifax.could you please tell me how he can go about getting a mortgage and if possible tell me who will give hime one . he is in full time employment with a good job . thanking you.Mr J E Caborn.

-- Mr john edward caborn (, April 12, 2000


He is best advised to approach a reputable mortgage broker. He needs to be completely open about the past problems. There are lenders who will offer loans to people like him, but they do cost a little more, as the risk of default is perceived to be higher. An extra 1% on the interest rate is not uncommon.

A reputable broker will help him find a suitable loan and use their contacts in the industry to find him the best deal.

-- James (, August 28, 2000.

Response to Response to getting a mortgage even with black listed by experion

Can you please delete this entry - CIFAS is not in a position to give advice, our only area of concern is fraud prevention, and it is possible that an employee who has since left us made a well-meaning attempt to provide assistance.

see our website

The email address cited has not been in use for over three years.

Thank you

-- June Hale (, October 13, 2003.

Previous answer has wrong e-mail address. June is someone I am writing to!!! I clicked on the wrong address option.

-- James (, August 28, 2000.

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