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Are there any Kansas "Countryside" types out there who are also Jehovah's Witnesses? A dad, mom and adult son would like to correspond via email. We live in rural, northeastern Kansas.


-- Faith Battels (, April 12, 2000


Faith, I am not a JW but have friends who are. They live in and around Elk Falls, Ks. There is a Kingdom Hall there.\, so you could stop by some Sunday and meet them. A lot of very nice folks, who live the Countryside lifestyle.

-- Karen Mauk (, April 13, 2000.

I am in Ks, about 30 miles from Kansas City and Catholic. Small sheep farm and like doing things the old fashioned way. But must admit, a lot of what I do is not survival level. For instance, I make butter, but not nearly as much as we use. I grind my own flour but also buy at the store. If I am busy lambing, or homeschooling or helping the husband or do church duties it doesn't bother me to get it the easy way. I spin a little, weave, knit and husband hunts, fishes and shoots skeet. We have sheep, a few cows, chickens guineas ducks dogs and one kid left at home. I would love to visit with anyone near. Most of my friends think I am a bubble off because we like our lifestyle and I don't shop.

-- Susie (, April 17, 2000.

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