While We're Young

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So whats with the unspoken rule that lingers in the back of our minds that says "go no futher", (talk about it maybe, but its time to get serious and act like a boring normal idiot). Is it just me? Or does it seem like everyone drifts into the same state of slowing down once they "grow up"? I watch people at work, in public, and everyone I pretty much see day to day, and its pretty much the same, they all live under the same rules, the same restrictions, can you find anyone who is truely happy? Im 23 and ive reached heights in my career some engineers never reach, no big deal. It was easy. Life is easy. So ive decided to move forward and kick some ass again because im not dead yet. Im going to learn how to sing my own songs when I play the guitar, maybe ill play in bars for free, maybe i'll suck but i'll sure love doing it. Im going to learn how to play the violin, im going to learn how to play the piano, and im going to make robots for the hell of it, and im sure ill do more when im done. Anybody with me? (BTW anyone who is ambitious about porno movies email me at... uhh oops, sorry BAD GOAT! hehe j/k wife unit) You will NEVER be the person you are this very second again. Stop wasting time and make a life people could write books about. Am I the only one who feels like "the norm" is just a cage to sit and rot in? My grandkids are going to talk about me to their great grandchildren. PLEASE do what you've always wanted to do. Hold your friends close because you will loose them if you dont. The few freinds I have I will always be there for them because I love them. FUCK rules and boundaries.

Id like to hear what you think about it. Ring any bells? Or am I just nuts. (I said nuts huh huh huh)

-- AdamGoAT (AngryGoatBoy@hotmail.com), April 11, 2000


I don't think you're nuts. I think too often people forget about what they once dreamed of achieving when they "grew up."

I just realized that I can sum up exactly how I feel by paraphrasing Bridget Fonda in the movie "Singles" (Was that a Mary Katherine Gallager line or what?)

"I think time is running out to do something wild. Somewhere around 23 'wild' becomes 'immature'." I think I started thinking some things were immature too soon.. I want my "immature" time back..

-- Angela (fleegle@gdi.net), May 10, 2000.

I agree with the damn goat ( ok, no I am agreeing with animals ) I think people do tend to try and "grow-up" and with that I would like someone to define the term. Does it mean when you get older that you have to stop doing ANYTHING that you did last year or the year before? I don't think this would be a good way to define it at all. I know people who are older than I and I want to grab them and yell "GROW THE FUCK UP" but with me being in the Army it makes it a little harder to do that. I think (and I know I get in trouble when I do think) That growing up is someone's excuse to get old and cranky. I am 24 and I have done a lot in my life but still have so much more that I would like to do. Grown up? I would like to think I have gotten to a point where I can say I have. I still have my "child- like" things I do but hell, if you try and act like a damn adult all the time you are going to miss a lot of what i think life has to offer. I think I have missed things cause I have tried to "grow-up" viewing someone else point of view of what it means to be grown up.I have tried to change and go back to the fun loveing ( shut-up you people :P ) person I once was and try and start having more fun instead of trying so damn hard to impress people that are not going to be around me in a year.

I think I miss the fun friends and I have had in the past and I hope to move back to Florida and start back where I left off. Hanging out with the few close friends I have and enjoy life. If I make it big in the job I pick then so be it. If not then as long as I had fun then I think I have lived. Ok I think that is enough of my babbling. Anyone else??

-- Aden (adenfla@yahoo.com), May 10, 2000.

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