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Ok, has anybody noticed how SOME of the spoiler hype has already happened? But just bits and pieces? One particular, Carter lying to Mark about a misdiagnosis. In "Viable Options" Carter lied to Mark, as the spoilers stated he would, but not in the season finale, and I don't think Carter seemed too upset about it. Or the tension between Elizabeth and Mark has already started? Or, how about Kerry getting in trouble for going against Romano's orders? Didn't the spoilers sound like this stuff wouldn't help til closer to the end? So maybe they are right, just they're timelines a little off...can somebody clarify here?

-- bridgette (, April 11, 2000


I forgot it said Carter would lie to Mark. That's right too huh? Although it didn't seem all that dramatic at the time, maybe Mark will be more observant of Carter from now on. So what if Carter DOES run away? That would be nutz, but exciting. Who knows, but I am really looking forward to the season finale.

-- Elaine (, April 11, 2000.

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