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Ok, this is gonna sound really stupid, but bear with me!

I was re-reading the reveiw of "Getting to Know You" and regarding the bad characterization of Carter, Phyl referred to him as the "Bi-Polar Resident." Now, I know what she meant; it was regarding how his characterization kept making complete turnarounds at the end of the fifth season. But still, with all these rumors of him being "bi-polar" it's kinda funny. Go re-read it and see it. It's just a humorous little thing. Hey, Phyl, if you read this, are you psychic or something??(lol)

-- alison (, April 11, 2000


:^D No, if I were psychic, I'd know if Doug's coming back for the love of his life and their lovebabies, Tess and Kate. No, the word bipolar was used not to describe Carter as he was, but to describe the character as he was being written last season, which was horrible, in my estimation. The funny thing about it is that I wrote that in the review and some site or newspaper or something used the word "bipolar" as a description of the character as though it were fact. If I'm remembering right...not only am I not psychic, but my memory is failing me :)

-- Phyl (, April 11, 2000.

I remember that too and I agree. I HATE how they made his character last year, and I thought the Phyl's bipolar comment was funny. I didn't enjoy the last episode as much as many others but it was nice to see the old Carter, laughing and being coy with Benton. It was odd, because next week he is going to be upset again, like two weeks ago, and it's like they just stuck a week in there where he's okay, even though just before it he wasn't, and next week he won't be. Kinda weird.

-- Elaine (, April 11, 2000.

In regards to the post above me about sticking an "okay" carter in between eppys, I definately don't think he was okay in Viable Options. He was better than last week, but he was nowhere near as "old Carter" . JMO

-- samira (, April 12, 2000.

Few things here Carter will HAVE to have UNIPOLAR depression as well because its a medical fact that you HAVE to have one and then the other.

-- Mike G (, April 12, 2000.

Mike G: SAY WHAAT?? What is "unipolar depression?"

-- alison (, April 12, 2000.

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