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I have been a fan of ER for a while, but just recently started watching the reruns again. I've noticed that Mark Greene has not had it easy. Ever. The guy has gone through more emotional turmoil, romantic mishaps and personal losses than probably anyone else on the show. Not to mention the fact that he isn't good with dealing with them.

This leads me to wonder what the effects of his father's death will ultimately take on him. Most of us have read the spoilers and what might happen, but we're also pretty sure it won't result in that (don't want to say what in case people don't know). After his attack, Mark was pretty much a miserable person and friend and lost that thing about him that made him such a reliable character on the show and great person. Granted he had reason, but Mark seems to react strongly to the changes in his life and I hope we don't see yet another long downfall for Dr. Greene. He's going to have to deal with Carol's leaving too, which won't be easy either. He is one of my favorite characters on the show and I would love for something to go right for him for a change.

-- Joanne (, April 11, 2000


I agree, Mark has probably had the most problems of all the characters on ER (poor Jeanne comes in second though) and probably deserves happiness the most...but I can't really see anything happening. I think issues with his father may cloud over any happiness he's able to feel with Elizabeth, and I ultimately don't think Mark and Elizabeth will end up having a "happily ever after". Given the extent to which M and E disagree on how David Green should handle his illness, I don't see her as being an emotional cushion for Mark, nor able to convince him to respect David's wishes. And I agree with Joanne, Carol's leaving at least SHOULD have some impact on Mark--Doug and Carol were his best buddies, after all. Maybe he will get full custody of Rachel somehow...she's about the only one I can imagine bringing sustainable joy to his life.

-- nancy (, April 11, 2000.

I'd like something to go right for Mark too ... he deserves it ... and he could make it happen by being more positive! I used to really like him, but I found myself losing sympathy for him after he (a) became a sexist jerk with Jen -- remember she worked as a paralegal while HE was in med school, then once SHE wanted a career, he acted like a total jerk and was totally unwilling to compromise -- I'd have left him too; (b) didn't pay attention to his daughter (remember when she was acting up in school, and Mark's solution seemed to be to bring her to the ER and plunk her in the lounge with the TV?) (c) acted like an adolescent schoolboy with Susan Lewis, waiting until she was on the train to Arizona before declaring his love for her; (d) seemed to refuse to try to heal himself after he was beaten up in the men's bathroom, instead choosing to lash out at everyone around him and turn into a hermit rather than letting his friends (like Doug) help him; and (e) will not let a VERY competent doctor and his loving girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Corday, help him with his dad. It's HIS dad, he's not objective, and his dad obviously trusts Elizabeth and asked for her help. It's really making me mad that Mark isn't listening to his father or respecting his wishes at all. To me, Mark has very negative energy and is sort of a professional victim. I'd like to see him seek therapy and start living like an adult!

-- Cindy (, April 11, 2000.

That certainly was harsh. Mark is 1st and foremost a good Doctor. Sure he has had his problems, but his greatest strength is listening to his patients. Historically, he is the Dr. that will respect a patient's DNR OR letting a patient decide when to end treatment. Give Mark time (more than likely by the end of the season), I am sure he will give in to what his Father wants in the end. But as Peter had reservations about putting his Mother in a rest home and finally seeing it was for the best -- Mark will also agree to what is best for his Father.

As for Jenn, I do believe Mark DID compromise when she moved to Milwaukee. I certainly didnt see Jenn running for trains and being late for work to accomodate Mark.

Even his accident was resolved in a positive manner. Using his experience (facing his demons) to help the African Gentleman (i cant remember how to spell his name). Yes, it was often hard to watch him lash out at people, but in the end he was gentle and compassionate.

Although Mark, has had a tough TV life, he is still a good Doctor and teacher. He is the driving force of the ER. Maybe Elizabeth will be the first really good thing in Mark's life in quite some time

-- judie (, April 11, 2000.

I thought Cindy had some very good points. Except for the attack, Mark has some complicity in all of the situations she names: his divorce, losing Susan, not being an attentive dad, etc. Don't get me wrong, he's one of my favorite characters, but he's not "Saint Mark" as Benton called him in a first or second season epi. He's a wonderful ER doctor and a good friend, but not a good husband (he sure didn't mind Jen working to pay his way for all those years but wasn't willing to help her career much), not a good father, not good with romantic relationships (Chuny, the front desk chick, now he's blowing it with Elizabeth). Personally I think all of these things have made Mark Greene even more interesting and hope the writers continue to make his character loveable but flawed...human.

-- Diana (, April 12, 2000.

I have been advocating Mark and Elizabeth, but he is pushing her away so much and she is not really trying too hard to be a support to him (one "is everything okay?" comment in A Match Made in Heaven!?) I know he is being difficult, but I wish I could just see some support and affection, I don't think I have ever seen them actually hug, like Carol and Doug or even Jeanne and Benton...although I guess it's not a very "huggy" show. It just isn't convincing anymore, I hope when David inevitably dies, he goes to her and she finally can console him.

One quick is odd that Carol and Mark have not talked about Mark's father. Mark has always told Carol (or Doug) about Rachel or Jenn or whatever relationship he's in, I'm surprised there hasn't been a little talk about it, despite that everyone is preoccupied with their own things.

-- Elaine (, April 15, 2000.

I'm thinking that Mark has pushed Elizabeth away and she's walking on eggshells. If she'd pushed too much toward him, he'd push her further away. She asked him how he was, he gave a noncommital cold answer, and she didn't push any further. She opened the door and he slammed it back shut. She's a great doctor and wants to help his dad, but it is his dad, and last surviving parent, so she needs to back off some. At least she's let him know she's there and available.

-- Diana (, April 15, 2000.

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