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I'm working on a project for the Burlington Route Historical Society involving diesel switchers.

In the late 1960s, a group of Baldwin VO1000s were traded by the Burlington to GE who sold (or leased?) them to the ACL.

The numbers were:

ACL 9350/SCL 85 ACL 9355/SCL 86 ACL 9361/SCL 87 ACL 9363/SCL 88 ACL 9366/SCL 89 ACL 9367/SCL 90 ACL 9369/SCL 91 ACL 9370/SCL 92 ACL 9371/SCL 93 ACL 9372/SCL 94 ACL 9379/SCL 95

I would appreciate it if anybody could fill me in on the disposition of these units. Thanks in advance!

Regards, Burlington John (somewhere in the middle of the Persian Gulf!)

-- John Lewis (, April 11, 2000


Lost the server connection- Lets continue

SCL#86 b/n 70106 12/43 ret 3/6/78 Sold 1980 to Lemac SCL#87 b/n 70297 11/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Buckeye Cellulose,GA SCL#88 b/n 70299 11/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Lemac,to NUCOR Steel#88, engine block froze and cracked during delivery, scrapped SCL#89 b/n 70307 12/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Lemac,to WR Grace #2000,to NUCOR Steel#1502 SCL#90 b/n 70308 12/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Lemac-further disp unknown SCL#91(1) b/n 70310 12/44 ret 1970 Scrapped by SCL Jacksonville 1971 SCL#92(1) b/n 70311 12/44 ret 1968 Sold to Precision National for scrap SCL#93(1) b/n 70312 12/44 ret 1968 Sold to Precision National for scrap SCL#94 b/n 70313 12/44 * ret 3/3/78 Given to Peck Iron &Metal Richmond VA in payment for damage to Peck's 65 ton GE unit SCL#95 b/n 71978 12/44 * ret 3/15/77 Sold to Lemac, to Swift Agricultural Chemical Navassa NC. Plant since then closed-no further info on loco disp.

*-Unit repowered by SCL in 1968 with 606 series engine **-Unit repowered by SCL in 1968 with 606A series engine

Lemac was(is?) a second hand dealer in Wildwood Fla.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, April 12, 2000.

John: The following is the information which I was able to get from Warren Calloway's excellent book on ACL Power. The information stops at around 1988 in terms of dispositions, so anything goes afterwards.

It seems that the ACL purchased these units in 1967 to cope with an unexpected increase in traffic. They were not repainted or renumbered into ACL colors, but they did receive new SCL numbers. I assume that some were repainted into SCL colors because they were repowered with either a 606 or 606A engine.

SCL# 85 b/n69778 11/43 ret 3/6/78 * sold 1980 to Lemac to V-tran RR #11, stored at Wildwood Fla 1988

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, April 12, 2000.

I am sure that this information is in Warren Calloway's ACL Power book. I will dig it out at home tonight and send it over tomorrow. Meantime-keep the Strait of Hormuz open for all of that expensive oil.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, April 11, 2000.

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