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Canon XL shooters, Has anyone else detected the "mechanical sound" when shooting with the XL? I've been miking with both a boom mike and a lav (camera mike OFF) and I keep hearing this mechanical sound in my field tapes. The sound is very subtle and sometimes more apparent than at other times. I've been conducting some tests with different mikes, different mixers and still can't get to the bottom of this. Anyone out there have any insight into this pro

-- Greg Rempel (, April 10, 2000


i've been dealing with the same thing recently as I gear up to shoot a digital feature. using a sennheiser 815 and a wireless, both quality mics, i still hear that noise. here's my "clever" workaround...

i record a patch of audio with the mics turned off but at the rec. level i plan to use. then i record the footage. i then digitize the tape and export the silent audio clip plus the audio footage as a single wav file, bring it into a PC program called Cool Edit Pro, where I sample the silent bit (that still contains the camera noise) and apply a noise reduction filter to the entire piece. this removes the camera noise frequencies and leaves the rest of the audio alone. the result is amazing- super clean audio, minus the noise. i've only tried it on a clip or two but it worked great. it's a rather lengthy process requiring mucho equipment, but it's worked so far.

hope that helps!

-- memo salazar (, May 03, 2000.

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