Diesel and Kerosene Fuel Shortage Bites In Kitwe

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Fuel Shortage Bites In Kitwe Source: Africa News Service Publication date: 2000-04-10

Lusaka - A shortage of diesel and kerosine has hit Kitwe and a few stations with limited stocks are only attending to customers with accounts. A snap survey by the Times in Kitwe yesterday showed that all filling stations in the town centre had no diesel and only Total had petrol. Attendants interviewed said they had been having an erratic supply of diesel and kerosene while petrol was regularly supplied but in low quantities.

Accounts assistant for S.P. Mwila, the firm which runs BP filling stations at KMB and Buchi, Kafwimbi Besa said the supply of fuel had been erratic since the price increase was announced.

He said Zambia National Oil Company (ZNOC) was not supplying adequate fuel to oil marketing companies. At BP filling station on President Avenue, attendants said they had not enough petrol and diesel.

What was available was strictly for accounts holders. Mobil and Caltex filling stations did not have both petrol and diesel and workers hoped supplies would be delivered today.

And desperate residents searching for kerosene were now queueing up for the commodity as early as 05:00 hours.

Fuel Shortage Bites In Kitwe

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