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Hi, I've only been shooting and processing for 2 weeks now, wow! what a crash course, but I'm slowly understanding bits and pieces. With alot of thanks to people in these forums :)

These photos are obviously too contrasty (I got a little carried away with agitation during development - Now I understand the consequences) but in a funny sort of way I think it kind of works, and had they been nice and normal I don't know if they would be better? what do you think ???

The grainy Kodak 3200 was an experiment but doesnt look too bad i think

Oh and apologies for the el cheapo scannner I used to scan them in

Please give me any comments you can, thanks.

-- Simon Butler (, April 10, 2000


wo wo wo slow down Simon.

There are too many photos on one page. As you know, it takes ages to load. So Divide and conquer.

The Kodak 3200 looks crap. The grain just doesn't work with these sexy athletes. They need to look slick and sexy. Not as if they have broken out in a rash.

Also, there are too many of the same images. Choose two or three from a series and move onto something else.

A shot with the Opera house in the background would have been nice. Cause the event was also about the location.

Considering you've only been doing this for two weeks, you are off to a great start.


see ya around with a camera.

- G.

-- Garry T. (, May 28, 2000.

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