Ahmedabad Water supply on schedule

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Monday 10 April 2000

Ahmedabad Water supply on schedule RAJKOT: The second day of the alternate-day water supply programme in the city was peaceful. More than 90 per cent of the areas scheduled for water supply on Sunday received their quota of water on time and at adequate pressure.

No major incidents were reported. However, residents of ward no: 18 staged a demonstration on Sant Kabir Road as the water supply to their area was delayed by a couple of hours. Several RMC officials and engineers rushed to the spot and placated the residents, assuring them that though the supply was delayed, it would be released as soon as possible.

RMC commissioner Rajgopal explained the cause for the delay saying, "The residents of the areas where the water supply was scheduled, just before ward no: 18 was to get theirs, threatened and forcibly made the valve operator keep the valve open for a longer period of time than required. The operator was restrained from closing the valve. As soon as the delay was detected, the vigilance squad rushed to spot, but the residents had disappeared by then. As the valve was closed way after the schedule, ward no: 18, which was next in line for water supply, got their supply about 2 hours late."

"We have taken strict note of the incident and are trying to identify the residents. If the guilty are identified legal action will be taken against them for disrupting water supply and forcibly restraining the operator," added Rajgopal. No other demonstrations or protests were reported.

Meanwhile, the fire brigade department has started another mobile squad for inspecting the water pipelines in the city. The squad comprising ex-servicemen will keep a watch on the pipeline from Aji dam to Gurukul, Punit Society to Mavdi Plot and the Aji to Lalpari areas. The squad will work under the direct supervision of chief fire officer Maheshwari, vigilance officer Major Jadeja and security officer P D Jhala.

The squad will keep in constant touch with the fire department through wireless and also keep the RMC commissioner posted on day to day developments. The squad will interact with the fire brigade office, the water supply control room and the police control room in case of emergencies.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), April 10, 2000

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