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Title: Mayor Blocks CSX Rail Tracks -- Again

April 10, 2000

DARBY BOROUGH -- Despite facing a possible jail sentence for violating a federal judges ruling, Mayor Paula Brown blocked the tracks at Fifth and Main streets with her personal automobile yesterday.

She said the CSX-owned crossing gates at the intersection were stuck in the down position for more than three hours, causing major traffic tie-ups.

"We called CSX and asked if they could please stop the trains until the problem was fixed," said Brown, who called from an undisclosed location because she said she was hiding from CSX Police officials.

"(CSX) said no, and kept running through the borough. If CSX cant take an ounce of prevention and worry about the residents in this town, then they arent coming through here. "They refused to do this, so thats why this action was pursued." A concerned resident who requested anonymity said he moved the mayors car to the nearby Wishing Well Bar because he said he was worried about Brown going to jail.

CSX wasnt amused.

"Obviously it was wrong to put her car on the tracks," said CSX spokesman Bob Sullivan. "The gates malfunctioned and theyve been repaired.

"There is a process for notifying us, and it does not include blocking the tracks."



-- (, April 10, 2000

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