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I have no user manual for my MB, and can't find any information on the web about the small photocell next to the red LED on this camera. The photocell for the lightmeter is placed on the lens. Does the other one have something to do with the flash? It seems that it only exists on the ML and MB. Hope you can help.

-- Anders Nygaard (, April 10, 2000


I found the solution. Is has nothing to do with the flash. The ML and MB both have LED's instead of a needle in the viewfinder. This extra photocell is used to control the glare (is that the right phrase?) of these LED's. Just like an electronic alarmclock that lowers the glare of the numbers at night. It can easily be verified, point the camera at something while pressing the shutter lightly, then cover and oncover the photocell and watch the glare of the LED change. When Minox design, they think about everything!

-- Anders Nygaard (, April 14, 2000.

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