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Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed with the writers for the way Carter is becoming? Doctoring the asthma kids' chart, doing a procedure when he's specifically told not to. Are the writers trying to create another Doug Ross character? I wish they'd do it with someone else!

-- Denise (, April 10, 2000


Denise, I think they are just trying to get him (his character) in line for the "supposedly" bipolar story line. Is that what you are asking? Otherwise, I can't see them trying to make a Doug Ross Jr. out of Carter, that would stupid of them. My opinion, anyways.

-- Paula (, April 10, 2000.

I don't believe this is really what TPTB are aiming for. I believe any similarities may be used in connection with Carol somehow, at least recently due to their conspiratorial behavior. I'm not sure, really, because Weaver showed some Ross-like behavior recently. I love the Doug Ross character for who he is, and I enjoy the Carter character for who he is, so I sincerely hope they aren't trying to turn all of the men on the show into Ross-type characters. It doesn't seem that way, IMO, at least not with Carter.

-- Arianne (, April 10, 2000.

Carter did his "Doug Ross " thing, if you will, way back in November or so. He did this, not to break rules, per se, but to help Daddy out with his financial situation. If that poor, stupid Daddy had been the parent he was supposed to have been, this whole bloody fiasco probably wouldn't have happened. He was breaking a rule-- very Doug Ross-- but unlike Doug, who would do something like this without hesitation, Carter seemed really frustrated as to what he was going to do. He cared about the kid, he understood the dad's financial situation, and he really thought about "doctoring" the charts ( I remember in POWT when he was siting with his head in his hands thinking about what to do). Secondly, Doug repeatedly did this-- and Doug was comfortable about breaking rules. Carter at first seemed reluctant to falsify the charts.

-- Samira (, April 10, 2000.

Carter? What about Kerry?!! After the last episode, I'm wondering whether she and Doug have been through a Vulcan mind meld.

-- Mary (, April 11, 2000.

There seems to be a lot of risky acts going on on ER. Maybe they feel like they need a rebellious hero, since Doug left. Someone that will create controversy...whether he should have or shouldn't have done what he did (Baby Josh, Ricky Abbott, many others) Carter is not like Doug Ross, I like both of their characters they way they are/were, and I hope they bring the old Carter back.

-- Elaine (, April 11, 2000.

I'm sorry, but I would disagree on this b/c Doug always did what he could to help the child and not the parent. He did the detox thing w/ baby Josh not for his mother but to give the baby a chance. Remember in the one epi when the mother couldnt afford her daughter's athsma medication and he barrowed money from Mark and bought and brought the medication to their appartment. Even though in Ricky's case he sort of did help out Joi but it was also letting Ricky's suffering stop too. I dont think He would do anything to risk a child's health just to give the parent a break. I know this is alot later than the others but oh well:)

-- bridgette (, April 16, 2000.

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