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I was just wondering was there ever a review or meeting regarding parties in the E.R. or safety precations---especially when dealing with Pysch paitents? I know that on my job (mental health social worker) we have to complete an accident/incident report for the most minute incident. Any idea? And doesn't it seem odd that the writers are just going on like its business as usual...I know...I know they have to move the story lines along but I need some semblance of realism!

-- Mimi (, April 09, 2000


realism in tvland? good luck. crazy as it may seem, there has been no mention, and probably will never be any mention, of anything (policy or safety) being changed because of the stabbing incident

-- Marcia (, April 09, 2000.

OK, I just received the memo regarding safety precautions from "Rocket" Romano himself. Here it goes:

(Note: the following is satire only. Please do not flame me nor call for the forum administrators' heads.)


From: "Rocket" Romano, MD, Head Cheese CCH RE: Safety Issues in ED

Based on recent incidents, i.e., the untimely passing of an intern in the ER, I have decided to make the following modifications to the safety regulations, effective immediately:

1) All patients awaiting Psych consults shall be fully restrained until the doctor arrives. No exceptions. You know our lone security guard is in his 70s and overweight; he can't possibly be counted on to monitor the progress of potentially mentally disturbed patients wandering through the halls.

2) There will be no loud music emanating from the front desk at any time, as it makes it difficult to hear potential screams coming from the various rooms of the ED.

3) Psych consults have 30 minutes to attend to their patients in the ED. If at that time the consult hasn't arrived, the patient will then be sent out to look for Jerry, the desk clerk.

4) Finally, please leave all steak and butcher knives at home. A plastic spatula will suffice to cut any potential cakes without risk of injury or loss of ratings.

Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Remember, you don't want me to have to come down there.


(End of satire)

-- Victor (, April 10, 2000.

That was too funny!

-- Joanne (, April 10, 2000.

Mimi, I totally agree. I can forgive no repercussions about some things, but especially with Romano you would think someone would have gotten chewed out for what happened. I mean, my goodness, he really let Cleo and Peter have it about the illegible prescription and he doesn't get on anyone's case for this?!

-- amanda (, April 10, 2000.

LOL! They've got to have the most incompetent security detail of any ER in the country.

-- Mary (, April 11, 2000.

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