What happens on this forum in the summer?

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I just started on this forum pretty recently, and I just wondered what goes on here in the summer when ER shows reruns? Does everybody stop writing until the new season starts? Thanks -

-- Melanie (msintn@hotmail.com), April 09, 2000


I haven't been here that long either, but on other message boards there was speculation like you wouldn't believe! Every minute point is pondered, and every tidbit of news gets full coverage. I remember when it was announced that Maria Bello was leaving...we all went nuts!

-- nancy (ntc72@mailcity.com), April 09, 2000.

Last summer, there were just very few postings until the new season started, but I personally hope it's more exciting this summer!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), April 09, 2000.

Generally speaking, it slows down -- but there are always people who haven't seen episodes who want to talk about stuff, so.. it's hard to tell.


-- Mike Sugimoto (phloem@fumbling.com), April 09, 2000.

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