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I will be shooting a wildlife documentary on the Canon XL1, is the lense good enough fro this kind of documentaries ? Most of the shoot will be in the rainforest, any experiences is welcome! Harun

-- Harun Rahman (harun@novista.net), April 09, 2000


I am putting together a series of "how to" hunting & fishing videos in Arizona (definetly not the rain forest). I am using a Panasonic AG-EZ30 with 3CCD digital camcorder. It is small, light & easy to manuver. I'm not sure how it matches up to your XL-1 but it seems to work fine for us. Only problem is during low light situations, the lens quality isn't good enough. Dusk & dawn arent too bad, with normal lighting situations the camera works great. Drop me a note on how your documentery is going, I'd like to see the finished product. Rick

-- Rick Williams (eightday@primenet.com), December 17, 2000.

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