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*** Red Alert ***

Nitro News Columnist Uri Dowbenko delivers a knockout column in Thursday's edition.

He reveals that the hit movie Fight Club is a lot more than bare knuckle brawls:

"Fight Club is a movie about mind control. Think Raising Cain on bad acid. Or an ironic hip update of A Clockwork Orange. It's also a ceremonial psychodrama, intent on the engineering of the mind, as seemingly normal individuals are transformed into mind-controlled robotic assassin-bombers."

"Will it trigger other "sleepers" to fulfill their "tasking"? Only time will tell. But the final explosion, which blows up the Century City skyline of LA, is like an Illuminati slap in the face."

"No matter how many mind control survivors get deprogrammed - the Illuminati are telling you - there will always be somebody that comes through and fulfills his or her "project" for the New World Order."

Don't miss Uri's incredible column Thursday morning in Nitro News. Also available now is the much talked about Diana video story in our "Specials" section, and the latest piece by top conspiracy author Kenn Thomas.

As you can imagine, the little guys at Nitro News get many tips and scoops from loyal readers. But not every lead is followed, simply because we can't gather enough evidence for an unbiased story.

One such story this week had us laughing. According to a reader, every time the Saudi Royal Family visits the White House, they head directly for President Clinton's in-house dentist in the basement for a free check-up. Now there's your tax dollars at work.

We'll leave you to grind your teeth over whether that story has any merit.

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-- Mind Controller (yourbrain@is.mine), April 08, 2000


Here in Hungry Horse, Montana (and surrounding environs) the movie 'Fight Club' was CENSORED!, in that the local movie distributor, who controls the theaters, refused to carry it. Gives us a small, but relevant, idea of what it's going to be like (and in many ways already is) when one or two large corps--corpse--controls the news ands its dissemination. Who's controling whom?????

-- robert gridlock (, April 10, 2000.

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