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What is the best way of cleaning the face plate on a minox? That is besides an eraser. Especially around the dials and on the contoured thumb surface on the dial.

-- David (, April 08, 2000


Q tip with a drop of Kodak Lens Cleaning fluid is able to clean Minox body including dials clean.

Dont let fluid get into lens area.

Alternatively buy computer screen cleaning paper presoked with cleaing fluid, such as Anti Static Cleaning Wipes made by InterAct , Recoton Corporation. cut a small piece and wipe the Minox surface and dial

-- martin tai (, April 08, 2000.

For cleaning the lens, use a device sold in camera shop called Lenspen. Use a Q tip to dip into the cleaning substance in the lenspen cap, and wipe the Minox lens and viewfinder window

For more on cleaning tips, click on "Publisher" and read threads on cleaning

-- martin tai (, April 08, 2000.

I've recently cleaned the cosmetics on three or four Minoxes. To clean the non-chrome areas, I first used Windex on a Q-Tip, then a very soft toothbrush with toothpaste. Took off penciled notations, dirt, etc. In fact, the C i cleaned came out in virtually new condition. A very soft toothbrush is the best, I've found.

Be careful!

-- Bob Woods (, April 09, 2000.

I've had very good luck with Goo-Gone on a q-tip!

-- Ken Ford (, April 20, 2000.

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