HYDERABAD - Fire Rages on at Oil and Gas Development Corp. Well

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Title: Fire Rages on at Oil and Gas Development Corporation Well in Sanghar


HYDERABAD (April 8) : The authorities of Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) have called a team of foreign experts to extinguish the fire, which broke out at OGDC well of Bobby Oil Field located at Nauabad, district Sanghar between Wednesday and Thursday night.

The conflagration at Well No. 6 of Bobby Oil Field was discovered when OGDC patrolling staff visited the area on Thursday morning/

The local administration and the Police rushed to the spot and called the fire tenders from different towns to extinguish the fire, however despite hectic efforts, the conflagration was not brought under control till Friday evening.

OGDC Executive Director Najam Haider, while talking to APP, said that the fire has been contained by making protective embankments of sand at the surroundings of the well, while high pressure water pumps have also been installed to cool off the affected area.

A team of foreign experts, which was called by the OGDC has reached Hyderabad and is expected to arrive here shortly, he added.

He said that no loss of human life has taken place, while the losses, claimed by the fire at the well will be estimated soon. He said that cause of fire is yet to be ascertained.

He informed that a team of Army Monitoring Cell has visited the affected area to enquire about the situation.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Tando Adam, Shaukat Ali Khatian, while talking to APP said that the fire fighters, called from various cities and towns are struggling to bring down the flames.

He said that the well, where the fire broke out, is discharging gas with a pressure of 22000 ibs, therefore fire fighters are facing difficulties to control the situation. He said that a fully equipped fire tender, containing foam has been called from Karachi.

In order to take precautionary measures, he said that two villages, which are adjacent to the affected well have been evacuated by the Police. He said that safety measures have also been adopted for the protection of life and property in the area.

He alleged that OGDC officers at Bobby Oil Field informed about the breaking out of blaze too late.

Had local Police and the administration received an early information in this regard, such a situation could have easily been averted, he added.

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