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Do you talk to yourself in any way shape or form?

-- Tim (, April 07, 2000


You know I have to use your board if you have it, and then you'll take it off because I'm abusing it.

As for your question... I talk to myself all the time. I actually have entire conversations. I think it's my way of clearing out the thoughts in my head and getting myself organized. Sometimes there are pretend people in these conversations, that I can imagine I'm talking to. Now, I dont have multiple personalities, but often these talking sessions happen before something of like nature. Sort of a practice before the big event, like a speech I might have to give.

Other times, I'm just talking to myself, to clear the thoughts, and usually in my car on the way home or on my way somewhere. I think alot of people do it, but no one wants to see you doing it.

"Are you talking to yourself?????" like it's a sin or something. Oh, well, I talk to myself... somebody has to talk to me. Just kidding. Now fighting with yourself is another story, that's just plain crazy.

Greg @ Commixion

-- Greg (, April 07, 2000.

I do speak to myself. A lot, in fact. They're basically conversations with the mirror. Basically just letting off steam, making myself crack up, or acting silly. I have more conversations in my head. I have random people, sometimes people I know, sometimes people I don't know, talking to me. I'd never have those conversations with those people. They're just not the type to come from me, but still, they occur daily. I daydream way too much and most of my daydreams are stranger than my regular dreams. Which says plenty.

The redesign is loverly. And put the bio with the picture up!

-- Krysten (, April 07, 2000.

I have discussions in my head with people. I stage situations in my head of confrontations I could have with people but would never actually have. And I go through the whole resultant conversation with them as if they were actually there. But they never happen.

I do talk to myself, as well (to answer the question). I reason with myself. I comment on my actions or personality. Or physical appearance, or laugh. Something like that. Sometimes it's complimentary, sometimes it's not. I also write stories as if I was someone watching myself. I'm intrigued by myself, I guess.

-- Sarah Joy (, April 07, 2000.

Of course I do and I get a lot of grief for it, too. I don't mean to start, but I just find myself in a conversation with THAT VOICE and then I have to finish it, I really do. My mother is about the only person who can tell when Im actually talking to someone or just talking to myself ... it really does become quite a burden at times when people are continuously asking, "Where you talking to mee?"

-- Denise Wiseman (, April 07, 2000.

yes, of course!! just the other day I knocked over my makeup thingie in the bathroom and I said, "oh great, look at what I've done now. I'm such a klutzy klutzy ass." and then I start cursing and walking back and forth. I then tell myself I'm being stupid and to just shutup before everyone hears you and gets concerned.

I also have elaborate daydreams about future happenings when I know it won't happen. it makes me happy to think it could ya know. I've always done that though...and yes, my daydreams can be a lot more interesting than my dreams, but my dreams are also ecleptic.

ooh and yes, I like the new layout tim!! and I like these boards since I have one myself.

-- Amber (, April 08, 2000.

I know it's damaging to my reputation as a mental case, but I don't talk to myself much, only when I'm driving and totally lost and haven't got my mobile phone, where I yell, "Oh, smith" at myself a lot.

I do have these elaborate fantasies of fame and funchieness though. The soul mate thing wherever I go, but more to the point, the interviews. Whenever I'm writing a story, I'll imagine being interviewed about it and come up with all the answers instead of just writing the thing. Whenever I read a biography, I imagine mine being written and wondering who they'd interview and if they'd actually bother to read the vast archive of my journal as research. Whenever I see a rockumentary, I wonder what the story of my band would be (never mind that I don't have one). Under my "everything I do is pants" attitude lies an a total egotist. Or maybe just someone with a very optimistic imagination.

-- Zed (, April 08, 2000.

Yes, nonstop. Not just talking to myself, but planing things out in my head. I'm on my way to meet a friend, I plan the conversation we're going to have. In the end, we never have that conversation, but I still plan it. I remind myself of things quite literally - my thoughts are along the lines of, "now don't forget you've got to meet her at 2pm Tuesday...yes, that's right. mm, must remember to check notes" etc.

I think it *is* an only child thing, too.

-- Helen (, April 08, 2000.

hey I like the new design and I like this forum thing also. It is like there may be someone holding the tin can at the other end of the string. Anyway I think talking to oneself is pretty normal. We don't want to be asked a question by someone and have just a blank stare and an "aaahhhh I dunno " as our only response. So we need to rehearse any possible question from anyone we might meet. I have conversations all the time with most anyone I have ever hoped to meet but of course likly will not. But I sure got some great answers. "aaaahhhh I dunno"

-- Daniel (, April 08, 2000.

I talk to myself ALL the time. Out loud. That's embarrassing enough on its own, but every once in a while i'll catch myself doing it in public. My family has gotten used to it, but dad still says stuff like "How did i raise such children?"

Most Recent Example I Can Think Of: The other day, while trying to decide which shirt to wear, i honestly said "Wear the blue one. Trust me, you'll thank me later."

-- Miranda (, April 09, 2000.

Yes, I talk to myself ALL the time when I'm alone. I never knew anyone else who did this and questioned whether I was normal. Ive been doing this ever since I can remember. Ive told one person about this and they think I'm crazy! Sometimes I do too. Most times I'm talking to people I may or may not know. I talk in a soft whisper and in a theatrical way as if they are standing next to me!!

I too have elaborate daydreams about future happenings. But you know what's freaky?! They sometimes happen in the near future word for word!!! Like I'm creating the situation. Is there a medical term for talking to yourself and is it some sort of mental illness or disorder??

-- dina milic (, February 16, 2002.

I've always talked to myself, not so much in public as when I'm alone. I don't think it's a problem, in fact I think most people do it. Reckon its just another way of your innerself processing thoughts. Someone once told me it's our soul talking us, which is a bit far fetched, but interesting all the same.

-- Stephen (, December 06, 2002.

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