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Mike The UK Guy's Views Firstly I added some HTML code above I don't know if this page takes it so if you see a little bit of code ignore it.

Okay its going to be a bit of a long one today so I apoligise in advance about this. First off in Be Still my Beating Heart UK Version we had a very different scene to what I've begin hearing firstly the episode was a 1hr 40mins not the usual 1hr that we get you may think okay what did they cut then well they didn't cut anything. In Be Still My Beating Heart we had the usual ER with breaks however there was no restart to show the second episode (All in the Family??) this means that Be Still My Beating Heart in the UK version is actually a feature length ER not just that but the second part is the only EVER ER in the UK which has not had a break in it and it was intresting to watch this the scenes flowed together without the break and I was suprised at this happening. The second part is that Kerry actually screamed in the UK Version and then lunged to help Carter and Lucy and I believe this didn't happen in the US version.

Now to something about this episode but can I first say that althought I knew what was happening in the episode it still showed me that ER can go back to these scenes of excellent direction and writing(The story of the two children losing both parents touched me deeply and was done with a very good empacy on compassion). Now to the little thing which intrested me Kerry. Throught out this episode I still ponder the words that she spoke to Carol when she said that it was nice to have someone to go home to. This made me think maybe it would be good for Kerry to find someone and maybe it would be good for the writers to do this we could see a new take on Kerry's character we've seen this cold bitch character of Kerry's for a while but with also seen a side of her which is warm and caring maybe its the fact that she has never felt that anyone has really understood her or loved her and so she closes herself off sometimes to people that she may feel will hurt that love and hurt her in turn. Now some of you may think I'm nuts for saying this but I think the love match for Kerry would be Romano think about it for a while she could be the one that makes Romano realise that maybe he should drop this womanising of his and also they have a lot in common they both close there self off in terms of emotions they also have both shown this side of compassion to there characters but still have this power of begin complete B@stards to other members of the team. Also one final thing is that they both live alone remeber in Be still my beating heart Romano says that they proably think that he is crazy for caring about his dog but it is all he has when he gets home.

Now to one final thing about Carter this has been very well done but what the writers do need to realise is that Carter must experince both Uni and Bi at different times what this means is that we must see a Carter that seems very normal or maybe high on life we must then see a Carter which is low on life or vice versa depending on which type of depression if any they will give him. Either way it depends on what extremitys they are willing to take the level of Carters depression to. Final point on Carter thought what I would like to see which drives him a little into this spiral is maybe a Stab wound patient who looks a little like Lucy we could then have flash backs of Lucy whilst he is doing work on this patient maybe a Black and White flash back of when Lucy was lying on the floor in curtain three and then when he looked over at her when Kovac was doing work.

To round up my little rant and I did warn you someone said that the Lucy issues and people discussing them should rest now. Now although I agree it is pretty dull to drag and drag a issue out I still think there is a lot that hasn't been explored yet in terms of Carter's emotional and eventual conclusive mental state to the issue of Lucy's death.

-- MikeG (, April 07, 2000


Response to UK version of Be Still..., Kerry in possible love intrest and some stuff on why Carter may end up the way he does

After seeing Viable options you may change your mind about Kerry and Romano!! It does seem like your epi had a few differences...I wonder why?

-- amanda (, April 07, 2000.

Response to UK version of Be Still..., Kerry in possible love intrest and some stuff on why Carter may end up the way he does

Somewhere someone mentions the previews on 4/6 for 4/13 being different in Canada (?) than the US. Here Mike writes about the differences in the episodes themselves. Does anyone know who decides what will be shown in which country? And when? Does anyone know how many countries (and which if not too many) ER is shown in?

-- Diana (, April 07, 2000.

Was the UK version really called "Be Still My Beating Heart"? I'm just wondering because in the US it was "Be Still My Heart" which is what Mrs. Connelley says her husband used to say to her, and what Abby says when Mrs. Connelley dies.

-- Annie (, April 07, 2000.

I was wondering the same thing. "Be Still My Heart" wasn't just the title but a direct quote. It'd be strange for them to have changed it to "Be Still My Beating Heart." Seems to lose some of its power. Which was it, Mike G? BTW, thanks for the information from the UK.

-- Diana (, April 08, 2000.

Actually it may have just been be still my heart my bad I think I added the beating or maybe it was there I'll have to check my video again but I think it was just be still my heart again sorry about that. One thing thought as we didn't get the second episode I think it was called in The Family Way or All in the family in the us anyway it was the second part where Lucy died but they kept the be still my heart title which actually LINKS TO LUCYS DEATH remember she had a PE and hence her Heart stopped so the title also links with that just a tidbit for you there

-- Mike G (, April 08, 2000.

Thanks for the info Mike. Yes, here in the States the epi where Lucy died is called "All in the Family." It'd be interesting to know later when they're shown in reruns (you have reruns, right?), to know if they're shown two different nights and then have both titles or what. I've seen that happen with a two hour epi here...when it's rerun with others, it's shown as two parts...but usually the same title, Parts 1 and 2. Can't give a specific example at this moment, but I have seen this happen.

-- Diana (, April 08, 2000.

I live in England too. I also read the episode summaries every week and have discovered that the British version cuts quite a lot out of the original episode. For example, scenes with Benton and Cleo were often not shown and their relationship came as a big suprise to most of my friends because it was so abrupt. After reading the episode summaries, i realised that some vital scenes were edited out over here. Eg, the summary mentioned a 'sensual game of pool' - huh? any one fill me in?? Also many lines and events which are mentioned in misscelanious thoughts are cut from the episode. Just thought i'd share that! And the episode was called 'Be still my heart' - not 'be still my beating heart'

-- Vicki Baker (, April 30, 2000.

I live in the UK too, and the episodes "Be Still My Heart" and "All in the Family" are not normally shown as a "feature length ER episode". Perhaps they were the first time, (on Sky or something) but I'm sure Channel 4 (our terrestrial TV station for ER) split them up. Certainly any repeats (reruns) are shown as two episodes.

-- Jacki (, October 06, 2002.

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