Would you have published it -- Pic of murdered Dutch journo in East Timor

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What are your beliefs on publishing a photo of this guy. He had his face mutilated (lips cut off, ears missing). Does a magazine need to show a close-up of the damage done or would a wider shot of an obviously anglo male lying in a ditch have sufficed. Interested in knowing because I didn't like the shot that was published but that could be because I eneded up at the scene.

-- Jason Logue (logues@dynamite.com.au), April 07, 2000


Jason, there's no way that we would've shown someone's mutilated body on this website. Maybe the European magazines would, and we do have some pictures on here that have a dead person in them, but if it makes my stomach turn and serves no useful purpose in the storytelling process, it's not gonna make it on this site.

That scene must've been horrible. Just a description in words is enough to paint the picture for my mind's eye.

David Snider

-- David Snider (rave@his.com), April 21, 2000.


-- DDP (ddpphoto@ozemail.com.au), November 06, 2000.

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