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I was like Peter when he walked in: check out this place. Um, does she get a lot of loot as a pedes attending? That was an incredible place.

However I still feel nothing when it comes to her and Dr. Pete.

-- Larry (, April 07, 2000


I fully agree. Why does Greene live in a walk-up tenement (is that what it was called yesterday), and she has a house beautiful? I don't like her and Peter as a couple. She's so cold. He's so cold. I guess sex is what will heat them up......yawn.

-- Barb (, April 07, 2000.

Cleo's place sure was beautiful. I hope they do something with her character soon or move her on to private practice. So far nothing is ever her fault...she and Peter were flirting and I guess it was a turn-on for him to write the scrip for her, then she tells everyone she didn't write it. She only needed ten seconds to check the med before giving it to the patient, but "there was a trauma." Ten seconds. I've noticed this pattern in the past too. Okay, while I'm on the subject, there was a scene in "All in the Family" that bugged me with her tremendously. Peter has just come out from surgery with the guy she'd started operating on. He goes over to ask if Carter is out of surgery and to apologize to her. She stares blank faced. Peter asks what's wrong and she tells him about Lucy. I never could figure out why Peter would ask her what's wrong at that point...her face was a blank page. I decided the only reason he had to ask her what's wrong was it was in the script. I know Eriq wants an African- American actress for his character to be romantically involved with, but Peter was so much better with Elizabeth...and Jeanne and even Carla...than Cleo. I don't even get her being a pediatric doctor. I've never seen her seem to care that much about the kids. On a TNT rerun the other night, a suicide came in. Her friend held her baby and was frantic. The baby was okay, just crying. Doug came over and took her from the friend. That's the kind of behavior I'd expect from someone who went into peds. Guess I just don't care much for Cleo yet.

-- Diana (, April 07, 2000.

That was a great place! They have never made mention before of her having money have they? They only thing I know about her is that she is from Indianapolis, IN (Michael Michelle is from Indiana herself). BTW, is it just me or is there NO chemistry whatsoever between Eriq LaSalle and Michelle? That relationship is being so forced by the writers. They just do not click for me at all. I almost couldn't even watch the scene with them at the end last night! Speaking of chemistry, I think Chen and Malucci have it. When he subdued that driver last night, Chen kind of looked at him like she thought that was sexy or know what I mean?

-- amanda (, April 07, 2000.

Good points all. Let me put myself out there, by saying I like Michael Michele. I do...from New York Undercover to now (although I di dnot see her on Homicide) and I have been giving her chance, but the chemistry just is not there with her and Peter. His chemistry with Elizabeth was and still is great. Or maybe I'm not used to seeing him in love scenes (think about it, the man hasn't had hardly any). But I would like to see him flex his acting some more like when he begged Carla not to take Reese.

As for Chen and Malucci, that could be interesting. Although I dont want everyone paired up, I would just like to see these 2 outside of the hospital for a change.

-- Larry (, April 07, 2000.

I agree with those who have some problems with Cleo. For me, it's partly Michael Michelle (what's with that name, BTW?) but partly how the character is written. She's very self-righteous...the way she was with Carter about the diabetic kid, and just in general... running to work, almost flaunting how her way of living/working is so superior to everyone else...I liked Peter better with everyone else he's been with more than her...the epi where he and Carla supposedly conceived Reese was 100 times hotter than the scene on the steps last night, and when she said "You comin' or not?", I kinda wanted to smack her. JMHO.

-- nancy (, April 07, 2000.

Well I agree that Benton and Cleo are a pretty boring storyline, however, I don't think they have no chemistry, they just really need a good story. Maybe I'll change my mind. I DID like the "You coming?" comment though. It totally caught Benton by surprise.

-- Elaine (, April 07, 2000.

But it didn't catch me by surprise. I said it out loud before she did! I thought it was so predictable. And a bit boring. While they were on the stairs I thought, you might be more comfy in the shower guys. :)

-- Diana (, April 07, 2000.

Cleo must come from money; maybe that will be some fact to come out later. Residents make about $36,000 per year, give or take a little, which is not certainly not sufficient to afford a house like that. The apartments of Susan and now Mark, Elizabeth, and even Doug before he moved in with Carol (not to mention Carter, who when cut off from his inheritance lived in a basement apartment!) are still really nice but more in line with true resident status, unless of course, the resident is living with a high-earning partner or comes from a lot of money.

With regard to Cleo and Benton, he has a very unattractive nasty streak towards her. I was really hoping she would say "I don't think so, Peter", as she shut the door in his face when he showed up.

-- laura (, April 07, 2000.

I think Peter has a nasty streak toward the women in his life, period, not just Cleo. I always thought he was rude and insensitive to Elizabeth. I think Cleo and Peter have a little more chemistry than he and Elizabeth, I guess I just always thought Elizabeth should be with someone that treated her a little better. As strong willed as Cleo is, it really surprised me that she gave in to Peter. I wouldn't have even let him in the door! And I have never seen Peter smile as big as he did when she asked it he was joining her in the shower!!

-- Danette (, April 07, 2000.

The first words out of my mouth when Benton walked in were "nice house" to prove that I agree with all of you. I think other than Cleo smiling once or twice her face was the same throughout the entire episode they have to give this charecter an interesting storyline, or just a storyline at that, then I might like her.

-- Cai (, April 07, 2000.

Oh man, the points I posted on another thread I should have posted here. Here's an edited version.

1.) Cleo's nice house: Yeah, I was stunned. In season 1 Benton complained about the nurses drinking the doctors coffee, and heres a quote "...We work 90 hours a week, and for this we are paid 23,000 dollars a year." Another quote from season 4 I think, someone talking to Anna: "are they still paying poverty wages?" Another tidbit from a previous season: The doctors have a one up contest to see who had the most med school debt. Winner: Mark Greene, at $100,000. Fact 1: residents barely make any money, and what they make goes to pay off med school loans. Fact 2: Unless your folks have actual cash bucks, a la Carter, if you want to be a doctor you will be in hock up to your eyeballs for a long, long time. Cleo's family is probably loaded and the house is probably theirs, but we haven't heard about this so we are all going "huh?"

2.)Cleo is *not* an attending, she's a second year pediatric resident and I thought she was double-boarding (a la Anna DelAmico) in emergency as well. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

3.) Mark Greene living in a dump.: Attendings do make better money than residents, but not as good as private practice. He probably still has those med school loans to pay off (see point 1.) Also, remember, his ex is a lawyer; he is probably paying child support up the ying-yang.

That's my way more than 2 cents.

-- (, April 08, 2000.

The more I read about Cleo's nice home in this thread and another one, the more convinced I am that the writer's showed us something about her without giving us more information up front. Since TPTB go to great lengths to make things realistic, they didn't accidentally put her in a nice place while putting some of the other characters in a dump. Actually, now that I'm thinking about this, it's the first time I've wanted to know more about Cleo. Her background? Family money? Perhaps a failed marriage where she came out well off financially? Which might mean an ex could come into the picture to liven things up. I haven't cared much for her character so far, but want to see where this goes. We don't have all the information yet. And I never saw MM on Homicide (is that the right show?) so ER is my only exposure to her. Perhaps she's a better actress than I've seen, but the storyline hasn't given her a chance to show it.

-- Diana (, April 08, 2000.

I may be wrong, but didnt Mark say he didn't pay child support because Jen made more money than him.

-- Kasha (, April 10, 2000.

Nancy - Michael Michele (only one "L") was named after a good friend of her mother's, who was also a female named Michael. Also, Williams is her last name, Michele is her middle name. I suppose she uses Michele so there's some simulance of femininity. Sounds better than Michael Williams anyhow.

-- random person (, April 10, 2000.

Thanks, RP for clearing that up...suppose I could've found that out on my own at a celeb site....thanks for saving me the leg work! :)

-- nancy (, April 11, 2000.

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