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I just have to thank the writers for bringing back the old Romano in last night's episode. I was a little tired of them trying to tone him down. I loved the fact he was more concerned for his pen than that loud mouthed patient. He has to get together with Corday this season. I've waited for that since he first appeared. By the way why are they sticking Lka w/Carol if she's leaving?

-- carol (, April 07, 2000


I loved Romano on last nights episode too. The little scene about the prescription was strangely refreshing. Nice to see him get a little p.o. However, the guy has no sentiments for patients whatsoever, which I think is a crucial aspect to his character. The scene with the woman and Angie was out of character but completely fit. He doesn't understand, nor does he really care. He thinks his job is to perform surgery, nothing more and that is what makes him so interesting to watch, especially when he decides to "flip burgers' in the ER. As for the Kerry scene, beautifully done. At least he said it professionally and she reacted professionally. I was half expecting him to blow up. But the "Right now, Kerry. Right now." That was good.

-- Joanne (, April 07, 2000.

I agree...isn't Romano the guy you love to hate. He was great in last night's epi. I also agree that he and Elizabeth have so much chemistry between them. Something is bound to happen eventually.

-- amanda (, April 07, 2000.

I love Romano. He is so realistic. So many real doctors can be like him. I loved it when he called the retarded girl a "gork". That was great. I wish he had more air time. He adds so much dimension to the show. I hate the way the show has become soap opera lust fest. Skip the sex on the stairs scene and get back to the real drama. (Anyway it couldn't have been comfortable.)

-- Romano fan (, April 07, 2000.

I totally agree, and as I said in an earlier thread, you could almost see the joy in Paul McCrane's eyes at having the coolest, wickedest character to play...and the "thank you" to the foster mom was emmy worthy itself...

I think the scene w/ Luka and Carol was to get her to start realizing she wants to be with Doug (misplaced affection or something?)

-- nancy (, April 07, 2000.

I love Romano. He showed a little heart last night when, upon realizing that the central line had been inserted, against his wishes, he smiled and choose to save his anger for Kerry, instead of inflicting it onto the foster mother. (run on sentence--sorry) And the way he laid into Cleo and Benton for their poor penmenship. It was great. It's about time someone gets doctors to fess up about their illegible handwriting.

-- Carin (, April 07, 2000.

Romano was priceless! I'm glad both he and Cleo got more airtime, and glad too that he was showing his regular, unsympathetic personality (oh, the pen scene...) I thought it was especially funny when he was talking to the girl's foster mom after he found out about the central line ... that smile on his face was just classic, you could tell he was trying not to grind his teeth! I loved the very soft-spoken way he suspended Kerry, and the "Right now, Kerry. Right now" was perfect. I like Kerry, but I was really GLAD she got suspended because I thought what she did was SO hypocritical after the way she treated Doug Ross when he did the rapid detox of the methadone kid. Judging from the look on Carol's face, she did too.

-- Cindy (, April 10, 2000.

Right on, Carol, right on! NOTHING could make me happier than to see Romano and Lizzie hook up. IMHO, the chemistry has always been there, and I think Liz is starting to respect him more now, which would make it more believeable. And while I love Mark and wish him happiness, the whole Mark/Liz thing just isn't doing it for me. She needs to be with someone as fiesty as herself.

I love Romano. PMC must get the biggest kick out of playing him.

-- joy (, April 10, 2000.

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