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does anyone know why tnt skipped the episodes between "9 1/2 hours" and "luck of the draw" (so they skipped episodes 9-12 in season 1)? i know people have asked about their skipping christmas episodes, but this was 4 episodes in a row. i just got confused when i saw the "previously on er" clips for "luck of the draw" yesterday, cause i had never seen them. i have never seen the early seasons and was trying to catch up...and some of these episodes are not in the summaries. any insight into why they skipped these 4 episodes would be appreciated. thanks

-- Marcia (, April 06, 2000



I have know idea why they did that either! I was so mad when I found that out! I am trying to get all the episodes on tape and they skipped over some of the ones I don't have! I thought they were running it the whole way through, but I guess not. It really upset me, but I guess they don't have enough time to air them all or something stupid like that. Anyway, if you need summaries, just ask, b/c I have most of them on tape. :)

-- Laura (, April 06, 2000.

I had been wondering about that too. I had missed Tuesday's episode though, since it was on late and I forgot to tape it. I thought I was just going crazy or something.

-- angel (, April 06, 2000.

If you get ER on another station, perhaps they aren't skipping epis. I saw the 2nd Season Christmas epi yesterday on WB where I live, so there is some hope of seeing them outside of the season. The worst part is they show two epis a week (on Saturday afternoon back to back).

-- Diana (, April 09, 2000.

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