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What is Breathwork? and does it have anything to do with clergy blowing on people in church or religeous meetings ,and making them fall down. Thanx

-- neena (, April 06, 2000


you had two questions. First what is Breathwork. Breathwork is a modality that is rapid deep breathing for an extented period of time. The goal is to bring up deep seated emotional issues and let them go This is the goal behind all standard and new age therapys. These old unresolved emotional issues are in my opinion and experience are the root cause of our self limiting/negative behavoir. The two old methods are rebirthing and holotropic. A better one in to me is Transformational breathwork. This involves relearning the diaphragm breath with will clear out all sorts of emotional issues around survivial, sexuality and social issues. then the two part breath which brings energy up to the heart and clears out profound heart issues both physical and nonphysical. Relearning the diaphragm breathing also greatly enhances physical health and longevity. Your second question. Evangelical leaders breathing on people and them falling over. Supposidly their divine energy is so strong that people fall over. In my opinion as a clairvoyiant - I can see the energy; most of it is not real - since these people believe it it happens to them. The one who is real is Benny Hinn and he is on the local religious cable channel daily

-- Dwight Munson (, April 23, 2000.

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