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Greetings: I'm interested in learning of other sites that may assist me in the preparation of talks, speeches and homilies centered around the Catholic faith. I will be taking a "Homiletics" course in the fall and would like to read up on some of the material available, particularly if it can be acquired on the Internet. I could also use a couple of good concordances that I could refer to when preparing such talks. Any help you can be will be greatly appreciated. Yours in Jesus Ed

-- Ed Lauzon Sr. (, April 06, 2000


I would check the safety circuit.

-- Larry (, April 13, 2000.

Larry: I don't understand your reply. I realize I posted this question in the wrong section, but what did you mean by "safety circuit"?

-- Ed Lauzon Sr. (, April 20, 2000.


I think he was trying to be humorous to the elevator community, since your question did not apply to anything in our area of expertise. "safety" did not imply anyhthing, just elevator slang...

-- Joe M... (, May 17, 2000.

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