will my partner have to pay any thing

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my partner who i live with now left his wife in 1994 he gave her the house and cleared all her debts(creditcards,mortgage arrears,loans)he could not take his name off the mortgage because she did not have a job because she was sacked for stealing #10,000.00.we have 3 children betwween us and have only just finished paying legal fees for the divorce etc.the state pays her mortgage and she is supposed to pay the shortfall but doesnot.in the divorce hearing my partner signed a document saying he would never have any claim on the house,she signed one saying that if she got into any debts she would be responserble for them and would not come back to him to pay them.this morning he had a court summons for repossession of the house.the arrears are for about #1500.00 the house is worth about #75,000.00 and has a mortgage on it for #40,000.00.what will happen and will they come back to him for any money?

-- debbie richmond (thesunrooms@hot mail.com), April 05, 2000

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