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If you have the shoppingcart visual in another frame with the store and when a customer adds an product i would really like the cart updated as well.

It could be something simple as:

When customer clicks on ADD TO CART The frame holding the shoppingcart simply reloads.

But HOW do i do that? Should i use Java or? Please help me.

Otherwise i like this script.

-- Henrik Hastbacka (, April 05, 2000


It wouldn't be that hard to do with javascript, but it might be easier to cut and paste the 'miniature cart' routines from the new scripts into the frameset. You would have to write a few lines of code to send out a separate HTML header for the small cart in, say the left frame so that it would be refreshed everytime an item is added to the cart.

The first step would be to look at a DEMO of the small cart at:


Some of the other features are detailed here: HERE .

New scripts are available HERE .

-- Gregory Swofford (, April 05, 2000.

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