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Greg, I don't understand why there is so much hatred expressed in messages posted on the bulletin board. I doubt that Billy would appreciate such anamosity between fans. Does it really matter what Billy's sexual preference is? I am a fan for Billy's talent, not for Billy's looks.

-- Katie Raskin (, April 05, 2000


Hi Katie:

One of the goals that I have for the web site and fan club is that it's a place that includes everyone and excludes no one. Billy is not at the level nor will he ever be where he can choose who he fans are. Billy is not the kind of person who would do that anyway. As far as all the speculation about Billy's personnal life, I'm not going to comment. I don't believe that it's anyone business.

One thing that I will share with all of you: People think Billy is gay because of the film "Doing Time on Maple Drive" where he played a young gay man coming to terms with being gay and having to come out to his family. That's film has saved lives.... people write all the time and tell Billy how much the film helped them and actually give them hope and in some cases stopped them for trying to end their lives. If an actor in a film can have that kind of power to actually save someone or help them though something.... and if it might make some people think the actor is gay in really life. It's worth it.

Two vaules that I think are very important to try to live by are:

Repect of all People

Do the right thing

If you are going to post on this message board, please try to remember these values.

-- greg - WMFC (, April 05, 2000.

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