FAA clears 13 Boeing jets for flight after electronics problems are fixed

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FAA Clears 13 Boeing Jets For Flight After Electronics Problems Are Fixed

Updated 9:55 PM ET April 4, 2000

SEATTLE -(Dow Jones)- All of Boeing Co.'s 717-200 jetliners are flying again without restrictions now that electrical problems have been checked and fixed under a federal directive, Boeing told the Associated Press Tuesday.

The Seattle-based aerospace giant (BA) said the 13 aircraft covered by the Federal Aviation Administration order had been cleared.

On Saturday, the FAA ordered immediate inspections of the new jets to check for potential electrical problems in altitude indicators and to make necessary modifications. The order followed reports of two instances of intermittent loss of information on the captain and first officer's primary flight and standby displays.

The FAA described the problem as an "unsafe condition," which if left uncorrected could result in loss of all altitude information and other essential data for safe flight and landing.

Both incidents - the first in January and the second March 28 - involved AirTran jets, AirTran Holding Inc. (AAIR) said. The airline previously known as ValuJet was Boeing's first customer for the 100-passenger 717-200, which began service in October.

(Compiled from Dow Jones Newswires and other sources)


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