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Morning glories are my favourite flowers, but I live in an apartment without even a balcony. Does anyone know if they will grow indoors on a sunny windowsill?

-- Cara (, April 04, 2000


You know, I'd be doubtful, although anything is worth a try. They need a lot of sun. I grew them in hanging baskets for a while two years ago, and they did okay, but they would have been much happier in the ground.

I believe they are poisonous, so if you have indoor pets, it might be a bad idea for that reason.

-- Beth (, April 10, 2000.

The seeds sprouted all right, actually they're growing like crazy, but I have my doubts about them blooming. I didn't know about them being poisonous! I think that I'll give them away to my mum for safety's sake and she can grow them outside.

-- Cara (, April 10, 2000.

Almost all houseplants are poison to pets. You might want to ask your vet just how posinous they are. Many plants just make cats vomit. If you provide them CONTINUOUSLY with growing oats (sold in pet stores and grocery stores), they will usually not chew on posion plants. I grow them every year outside. The grow as vines for many weeks before blooming in late summer. Good luck.

-- Jim Henley (, June 22, 2001.

I have found morning glories to be perfectly happy on sunny windowsill with something to climb on. However, they do prefer direct light, so by summertime my south-facing living room is too shady.

-- Jenna (, July 03, 2001.

I've grown morning glories inside without a problem. I grow mine in a flower pot with some chicken wire on the back side that the glories climb. It does fine next to a sunny window or you can use a grow light also. I grow habanero peppers indoors and use grow lights so its not a problem or anything to move my morning glories over there. The chicken wire doesn't look too attractive when you first start growing your MG on it but after its grown all over it it looks pretty nice, you can also cut the chicken wire to a design and stuff if you wanted to make it more aesthetic ;)

-- Nick Something (null@localhost.localdomain), July 31, 2001.

YES! Grow morning glories inside. I have had success with moon flowers and morning glories. Winters are too long up here in northern NY so you experiment with flowers you long to grow outside. They're worth it but don't let them get chilled living by a window. Protect them with a towel or card board nights you know it will be chilly by the window. (below 40 F.) Also use a plant lamp to give them the kind of light they need if you don't grow them near sunlight. You can buy them at places like WAlmart, Agway. Oh...what I find facinating is growing them in very tall vases so that you can watch the roots grow down. It's really great to show to children. I have mine growing up string in my front room where we have an archway with tall columns. GIVE IT A TRY. It's fun and beautiful.

-- B. Flynn (, April 08, 2002.

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