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I was watching "later today" on nbc today. There was an interview with george clooney and noah wyle about the cbs live show coming up, and after they cut from the interview the hosts speculated whether or not clooney would be on the "FINALY" episode of er at the end of this season. Is this the series finaly or the season finaly?

-- mike macki (, April 04, 2000


ER is not ending this year. They were talking about the season finale. I don't know if there has been speculation as to how much longer ER will be on, but Anthony Edwards and Noah Wyle each have at least a couple of more years on their contracts. So I don't see it happening this year or next.

-- amanda (, April 04, 2000.

7 years is about the lifespan limit of any dramatic hourlong TV show. Maybe 8 at most. If ER is "dying" then it's a natural death. The ratings don't seem to be suffering terribly, but I would guess by the end of next season the writing will be on the wall especially if Wyle and Edwards wish to move on. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect good episodes and storylines, but ER is definitely in the autumn of its life if only based on how long hour dramas tend to last.

-- debbie (, April 04, 2000.

Well I hope it lasts longer than seven years! They probably won't end it until it goes WAY down in the ratings. Didn't "DALLAS" last for 13 seasons all through the 80's & early 90's? I hope ER lasts that long. True, the storylines will start to get old if they focus only on what's happening inside the hospital all the time. I mean, how many diseases can you cover? One way to make it more fresh would be to focus more on the characters and things that are going on in their lives outside of work. Personally, I would not stop watching just because certain actors may leave the show. Yeah, I would miss them, but that's not the ONLY reason I keep watching in the first place.

-- Melanie (, April 04, 2000.

I hope that ER has a long way to go before calling it quits. The great thing about taking place in a hospital is that there's a plethora of subjects that can be discussed. The thing about disease is that just when one is eradicated (small pox), another one comes along to take its place (AIDS). As unfortunate as it is, there will always be sick people in this world; therefore, there will always be a need for doctors, nurses and ER.

-- Carin (, April 05, 2000.

You know I laugh when I read how long series last for in the states you know how long the British version of ER "Castualty" has lasted it has lasted 10 years thats right 10 years not seasons but years they usually film a 40 week series so it lasts for a LONGGG time you know why we don't grow tired because the rate they introduce new characters and the rate that as ones which have been on it for so long suddenly disappear we suddenly find ourseleves attached to the new characters because they have been deveolped. I hope ER dosn't end but if it has to I think it should end with a real BANG if you get my meaning.

-- Mike (, April 05, 2000.

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