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WIRE:04/03/2000 08:42:00 ET Nuclear reactor in Ukraine shut down after short circuit

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) _ A reactor at Ukraine's Rivne nuclear power plant has been shut down due to a short circuit in its electrical grid, nuclear officials said Monday. Two turbo-alternators at Rivne's reactor No. 2 were shut down for repairs on Saturday by the safety system control, the state Energoatom nuclear company said.

No radiation leaks were reported.

One of the units was restarted Monday and the other was expected to be switched on Thursday, Energoatom said.

Meanwhile, reactor No. 2 at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was restarted Monday after successful tests of its safety system's equipment the day before, the report said.

Currently, 10 out of 14 nuclear reactors in Ukraine are working. They produce about 40 percent of country's energy

-- Martin Thompson (, April 03, 2000


Ukraine: nuclear reactor halted for urgent repairs

Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political Publication date: Apr 03, 2000

Excerpt from report by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN

Kiev, 3rd April: The No 2 generating set of Rivne nuclear power station was disconnected from the grid on 1st April, the State Nuclear Control Administration's information centre reported. The stoppage of the set, which was running at maximum output, was caused by defects in the electric equipment in the local circuits that connect the power plant to external circuits. The defects did not affect the level of background radiation at the power plant or nearby and posed no danger to personnel or the environment.

On 3rd April at 0800 [0500 gmt] after the defect had been fixed the generating set was reconnected to the grid. Electricity is being produced by one of two electric generators. The management of the power plant has asked the grid operators for permission to [stop] the other generator for repairs by 7th April. The output of the generating set is gradually increasing.

On 2nd April at 0023 [2123, 1st April gmt] the No 2 generating set of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station was halted for a routine check of the emergency stop system. During the test it took four seconds for the system to respond, which is within the permissible level. On 3rd Aril at 0421 [0121 gmt] the set was restarted and its output reached 75 per cent.

[Passage omitted: earlier covered information about repair works at other nuclear power stations.] Publication date: Apr 03, 2000 ) 2000, NewsReal, Inc. osform_template=pages/newsrealStory&ID=newsreal&storypath=News/Story_2 000_04_03.NRdb@2@10@3@1&path=News/Category.NRdb@2@7

-- Carl Jenkins (, April 03, 2000.

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