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Title: SMUD fire causes outage at Folsom Prison, nearby

Bee Metro Staff

(Published April 3, 2000)

A fire at a Sacramento Municipal Utility District station cut off power Sunday evening to about 15,000 customers, including Folsom Prison.

The outage, essentially caused by a gigantic fuse pop, lasted about 50 minutes, SMUD spokeswoman Susan Oto said. A piece of equipment caught fire but officials don't know why.

Folsom Prison's chief of plant managers saw the power station light up with sparks from his nearby residence and went immediately to check the prison, said Lt. Billy Mayfield, a prison spokesman.

The prison lost power, but its generators came on within a few minutes. "We had an emergency situation ready," Mayfield said. "As it turned out, it was just a minor inconvenience."

The prison's power was restored after 30 minutes.

The fire occurred about 6 p.m., Oto said. Sensors then triggered a shutdown of the whole power line so damage would not extend beyond the plant off East Natoma Street.

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-- (, April 03, 2000

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