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Title: Finnish passenger and cargo ship aground

Story Filed: Monday, April 03, 2000 5:27 AM EST

APR 3, 2000, M2 Communications - Finnfellow, a Finnish cargo and passenger ferry, ran aground in the Aland Islands archipelago near Finland early yesterday morning (2 April).

The ship reportedly is firmly aground and it has been estimated that it will takes some time to move it as some of the cargo, which includes lorries, will have to be taken off the ship first. The ship is located close to Foglo, by the Overo ferry harbour and it was on its way from Kapellskar, Sweden to Naantali, Finland when it went aground.

Due to the expected delays in moving the ship, it was decided that the 80 passengers and crew aboard were to leave.

Leaks have been discovered in two of the ballast water tanks, but no oil leaks have been found and the ship was set to be moved when all damage had been found and the necessary towing equipment could be fetched, as there were no suitable equipment on the Aland Islands.

The crew think that it may have been a faulty gyro-compass that caused the incident as the weather was fine when Finnfellow went aground, suggest reports.

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