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In 1998, I rented out my property as I found work in a new area. I was not happy with the estate agents, so changed. After my tenants contract was up for renewal, the rent stopped, so I asked the new agency why. They blamed the Benefits Agency, which I contacted myself - who told me my tenant had moved out. After some months of paying both my own rent and the mortgage, I opted for voluntary repossession and sent the keys back to the building society. Since then, they have been trying to contact me but do not have my current address. The mortgage was for #30,000, the house was bought below market value. I am just about managing to pay off student debts and do not have any spare income. What can they do to me? I have been too scared to read the mail and have sent it back to sender.

-- jackie budd (jax_pat@yahoo.com), April 03, 2000


Like Lee says on this site, 'you have to learn to deal with this.' Read this site from top to toe, especially the parts about what to do after repossession, which will make you feel mentally stronger, and then start to open and read the mail. Good luck. There are plenty of thers out there with similar problems. You are not alone.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), July 13, 2000.

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