Flint River and Norhteastern Railroad

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Does anyone have any information on the Flint River and Northeastern that started in Pelham,GA and crossed the ACL just above Pelham, then continued on into Colquitt Co, GA? I know that part of the line that went into Pelham was used by ACL and SCL after the road was abandonded. I have been looking for information and photos around Pelham and Mitchell Co but not much luck. The old depot in Pelham that was built in 1912 is still standing and has been restored, also the old ACL depot has been restored. If you know where I can find info or photos please help. This is an old shortline railroad around the turn of the century that's history is slipping away.

-- Stuart Glenn (sglenn@rose.net), April 03, 2000


The Flint & Northeastern R.R. was chartered in Georgia on June 26, 1903, opened though-out in February 1904 and was abandoned in October 1946. It ran 23.33 miles from Pelham to Ticknor, Ga., roughly paralleling the Ga., Ash., Syl. & Cam.RR about 6 to 8 miles south, and had about 2 miles of siding tracks. In 1922 the F&NE had two locos, 1 passenger car, 2 flatcars and a caboose. Stations were: Pelham(mp.0), Spence Siding, Rogersville(mp 4.21), Cotton (mp 6.98), Hinsonton, Laneys (mp 12.09), Akridge, Sale City (mp 15.23), Terrace, Smith's Siding and Ticknor (mp 23.33). By 1939 the F&NE was part of the Pidcock's Georgia Northern R.R. Group headquartered in Moultrie, Ga. If you are in the area, you might try checking the city libraries in Pelham or Ticknor and see what they have in their verticle files, such as newspaper clippings, maps, etc., or find out if there are county historical societys in the area and if they have any information.

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), April 03, 2000.

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