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Mine always are on the fritz, just by my owning them, they die. Many stereo components, walkmans, and a couple computers have fallen to my hands of entropy. People in college told me I WAS entropy, so many electrical things seemed to bust near me. Anyone else seem to be the harbinger of death to electrical items?

-- Lunesse (, April 03, 2000


I have a low-level version of what you've got, and so does Nellie, so things get a little fuzzy when we're together. But I was reading somewhere that a physical interference with electronics is linked quite often with being an abductee (you know, aliens and that). Maybe it's the cause of being an abductee, come to think of it. But now you think I'm a kook or you'll be scared to turn out the lights (unless of course they go off because you walk into the room). That said, peace!

-- scott (, April 03, 2000.

Well, my cell phone often doesn't ring, but I just attribute that to the fact that I'm so huge that I block the signal. When I leave it alone on a desk, it's much more likely to ring.

In fact, electronics usually love me. I've had people hand me computers, phones, stereos, etc., that are "broken" and when I handle them a bit and turn them on, they just work.

-- Dennis Gentry (, April 04, 2000.

Chinese medicine emphasizes the human body's tiny electromagnetic field. I have had hundreds of experiences that demonstrate that when one gets annoyed, impatient or stressed, your own subtle electromagnetic field will interact with your technological device's electromagnetic field and cause errors. This was evidenced in office copiers for years, and with the spread of personal computers and printers, you can see even more cases of this. I can't figure out why Western medicine and technology hasn't figured this out yet.

-- Mystarion (, August 01, 2000.

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