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Richard Hoagland's partner reveals that Premeire Broadcasting suddenly canceled Richard Hoagland's Guest Host Spot for March 18th after all arrangements (including anonymous governement employee guests) had been made.

Perhaps Art Bell's retirement has to do with this type of censorship, which for long-time listeners (of over 10 years) has been very obvious for the last year or two.

Art Bell was at the top of his game, but since the network was sold, his own self-censorhip has been more obvious.^7@.ee77d78/142 I'd like to share a bit of information that is not public knowledge, which up until Art's sad announcement, we could not share: Richard himself was contacted to be a guest host for his friend, Art, about two weeks ago.

The local Premier affiliate had been contacted and studio arrangements made for Saturday, March 18. Conference calls between Premier executives and Richard had taken place, covering all the possible contingencies; everything from breaks to bumper music, even how the audience calls would be answered from Medford, Oregon and forwarded to Albuquerque.

Based on these conversations, Richard had invited 3 important guests, one of whom, as a current government employee, only agreed to be interviewed anonymously. This was all okayed by Premier Networks.

Then, less than an hour later, Premier suddenly called back. It was all cancelled, another guest host suddenly switched into his "slot." Now, two weeks later, still no explanation given for this extraordinarly unprofessional behavior on the part of Premier.

It is for this reason, unknown to Art's audience, that we strongly feel something "is not right" with this whole process. And the most important players of all -- you, the audience -- have not even been consulted!

You, Art's audience, have collectively been responsible for a striking series of "public victories" over the past few years: from demanding of NASA and receiving new pictures of Cydonia, to literally "saving the Miami Circle," to obviously spurring Senator John McCain's recent "interest in the Congressional oversight of NASA," your input has definitely been felt on several major issues.

So how come, in a world of polls and focus groups, for the most important decision affecting the entire Art Bell audience, you -- that Audience -- haven't even been consulted by Premier!?! What's wrong with this picture?! And what can make it right?

Obviously, a little fundamental democratic input from this audience!

Remember the power you have all wielded so successfully. Never forget the accomplishments your collective strength and perseverance have made a reality.

What Art has created is a unique phenomenon in radio history: an involved audience, participating from the "fringe," and yet affecting REAL WORLD CHOICES. That precedent MUST be carried through on this decision ... which will affect the very continued existence of the Show he loves.

Robin Falkov

-- INever (, April 02, 2000


Maybe they finally figured out that Hoagland's a fruitcake?

Why do radio and TV viewers feel they have some right to be consulted and approve changes to shows and formats? These businesses run like all others - to maximize profits and gain market share. If they make the wrong decisions, the audience leaves and they fail. You have no more right to have a voice in these decisions before they are made than you have to decide what colors Ford offers for next year's cars. The Art Bell show is not a big club of like minded folks - it's a commercial enterprise that exists to sell product. Now, if you no longer buy any of the strange junk that's advertised on Bell's show, then Premier will sit up and take notice.

-- Jim Cooke (, April 03, 2000.

yeah yeah yeah, by the way, they're publicly owned airwaves & of course i know itza bizNess,

just showing the facist corporate mindset.

you can have spice or pablum. you obviously prefer the latter,

-- INever (, April 03, 2000.



LSD mixed with methane, snorted through the left nostril by the light of a full moon would be a bit closer ...

Recommended reading:

Richard Hoagland's NASA Occult Masonic Conspiracy Decoded, for starters.

(Wonder if he and David Icke have started a club? Sort of like the complement of the NWO/Illuminati/Nephilim/Lesbian Biker Nuns With Flamethrowers thingie?)

-- Me (, April 03, 2000.


You already know I've never listened to Art Bell, but I HAVE oftentimes wondered why the T.V. programs that *I* like always seem to be the ones that get cancelled. I'd have to guess that MY tastes aren't so popular, or because I didn't buy what the advertisers of those programs sold, or BOTH.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.thingee), April 03, 2000.


Hi, I am going to try and clear up a few things (misinformation) that have been posted on these links.

With regard to Art Bell and Curtis Silwa (or however you care to spell it): He had a radio gig in NY in the evening. Art Bell (on the same station) proved to be more popular so an hour was cut off of Silwas show and given to Bell. Bell broadcast from 10PM to 5 AM. Of course when Silwa lost that hour he lost the money from the advertisers for that hour. So I hope that explains his ire towards Bell.

I cant quite be as sanguine as the others about Bell. He tended (by what he said) to agree with a lot of his guests. While this may be harmless when people were talking about visits by aliens and time travel, its quite another when it came to Gary North and company. Bell also had people on his shows who were very anti vaccinations and into alternative cancer treatments. Sorry, but I think encouraging that behavior endangers us all. When people go on these shows and urge people not to vaccinate their children I think its way over the line.

I didnt listen to Bell much (way to many commercials) but in some ways it is ironic. Those who live by the sword

Re Rush: I am one of those people who listen to him (I listen to a lot of radio talk shows, computers, law, cars, home repairs, etc.). He is an acquired taste. His satires are hilarious and vocal imitations are amazingly dead spot on. He is a wonderful vocal mimic. That bit about telling his listeners exactly what to think was part of the satire.

Radio is full of people who think they know all the answers (try listening to John Hightower some time.) But there is a big difference between Rush, in terms of intelligence, and people like Dr. Laura, and the rest of that ilk. I, for one, really like to listen to people who believe different things then I do. Its a good way to learn and challenge yourself.

And as for TV shows. A lot of that is driven by demographics. Ratings alone use to matter. Now it's not only ratings but ones that specifically cater to certain age groups.

-- The Engineer (, April 03, 2000.

If the account given by Hoagland's associate is accurate, the degree of support Premier had already given for Hoagland's and his guests' appearance indicates that Premier thought it would pull a satisfactory share of listeners. Premier's abrupt cancelation of that appearance (against their presumed financial interest) suggests that some influencial entity did not want Hoagland aired and in effect censored him.

-- David L (, April 03, 2000.

David L,

Thank you for perceiving what I perceived when I read the note. Most of the respondants to this thread (and MOST people in general), see the world thru the prism of their own opinions.

The reason Art Bell interested me was because he at least seemed open to listening to new information. You take a risk when you do that, but it's what I like to do. Of course, some people don't, and that's their perogative. You see, not everyone is "judgemental".

If the Engineer believes vaccinations are distributed by biotech companies merely out of the goodness of their hearts to serve mankind, well, so be it. But don't force your beliefs on everyone else.

And Me, have you ever actually TAKEN lsd? Or are you just using words to try and hurt?

-- INever (, April 03, 2000.


When you say most people perceive the world through their own prism, I'm assuming you're including yourself :^)

Art Bell was only open to "new" ideas from a certain sprectrum of the world, a world that involves conspiracy, the NWO, flying saucers, and, for the last several years, Y2K hysteria. That's OK with me since it's a big world, but he never, ever, followed up any of the obvious and apparent mistatements of his guests with any type of correction or revision. Art Bell is not interested in truth anymore than the National Enquirer is interested in truth.

The idea that Art Bell presents breaking news is laughable. Can you tell me one story that turned out to be true that Art Bell broke on his program?

-- Jim Cooke (, April 03, 2000.

what's the point of this site now anyways? ...i thought it was to share alternative news & views, guess not...

-- INever (, April 04, 2000.

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, ART BELL listeners everywhere!!!

We are witnessing, in microcosm, an American trajedy of much greater proportions than most would imagine with the loss of Art Bell from our nations air waves.

Art's genial method of "leading, without leading" served to attract the American spirit to one of the finest democratic forums and virtual communities our troubled nation has ever seen. This forum, and this community is now being destroyed as effectively as the "American Dream" has continued to be destroyed since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

We can see from this the immense power of a few treacherous infiltrators and "conspirators" who are bent on destroying the good things that have grown up in the embrace of our American style of freedom... how tenuous this freedom really is. And many of you still cling to the false belief that there are no "conspiracies"... that no one is trying to destroy what this country is supposed to represent to its citizens... to humanity, in fact!

When our constitutionally created judicial system chooses to defend the rights of these treacherous scum to do wrong to our forums and our communities, BEFORE it defends the rights of those who are keeping the American Dream alive, then it is time that we, the people, take back the law into our own hands, and fix it!

These same infiltrators and conspiratorial types, whom we see in microcosm, have also infiltrated the highest levels of the macrocosmic forum and community in our country. They are, on a daily basis, undermining and polluting all those good things that have traditionally held our nation and our people together within its communities.

In the old days, when the community was attacked, the people themselves rallied and "tarred and feathered", humiliated and banished such cowardly predators as these from their midst. That was JUSTICE! Now we must embrace these predators in our courts on both sides of the bench, while they protect each other, and we the fools, "wait" for justice to be done.

Folks, it is not going to happen! There are too many examples to the contrary already. Along with Art Bell, we lose another significant example of American values and spirit. I offer these words as a Tribute to Art Bell and as a Lament to America. May God Bless Art and his family with the peace and vindication he so rightfully deserves. I weep in outrage for the rest of us.

Please visit the "CITIZEN'S FORUM" at <> for further comments on this matter. Art, you will be sorely missed.

-- INever (, April 04, 2000.


There is something disturbingly familiar about the New World Order with its level playing field on which we are all to compete, and survive or perish. It is reminiscent of Roman gladiatorial combats where slaves and other rabble were forced to kill each other for the entertainment and moral uplift of their betters.

Except now, hanging in the background like a huge, bracketing stage set, is Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcrofts infamous NSSM 200 on the dangers of Third World (i.e., lower-class) population growth. In this memorandum they argue that population increase in underdeveloped countries is the greatest long-term threat to peace and First World (upper-class) living standards, and that market mechanisms and financial policies can be used to curtail it. The Irish Famine might have been in their minds as a kind of historical demonstration project on techniques for stopping the population spiral dead in its tracks.

Partial blame for the catastrophic rise in Third World population was put on left-wing politics and policies that spread wealth more evenly and decreased infant mortality. The solution was to roll these back and let scarcity and hunger winnow out the weak and unfit naturally. The same mechanisms could be applied that had proven so effective in Ireland a century before.

Deregulation and privatization, along with the elimination of price supports, safety nets and other entitlements, would prevent revolutions of rising expectations and break the general publics grip on local resources and economic policy. There would then be no boundaries to the flow of investment capital. The rich could own any and all the worlds resources, no matter where they were, while the poor would get only what they could pay fora simple coffin, perhaps.

Market mechanisms have other advantages. There is no need for crude Nazi-style deportations and murders. Since there is no incriminating link between the brain that plans and the hand that kills, there wont be any Nuremberg Trials afterwards, either. Simply get rid of entitlements and gradually tighten the economy, like turning down a spigot. Nature will do the rest. The masses will soon be killing each other over a scrap of bread or cup of water. It is market genocide, and it is beautiful. The unworthy (that is, the indigent, the isolated, the unskilled, the stupid and the weakthe unneeded low-lifers) will be identified by the countless and infallible processes of the marketplace, and eliminated. The riffraff who have to actually fight for a slice of bread will be self- condemned. Smart people, the fit, have other methods.

Of course, it wont be real competition. That could easily backfire. It must be carefully managed, but have all the trappings of reality. Natural laws must be seen to be at work, remorseless and inevitable

This arena for mass self-destruction is now being built on a global scalea Coliseum as wide as the world itself. Engineers and technicians are out on the floor with transits and calculators making sure there will be an absolutely level field of play.

To some, competing against international corporations and human waves of Third World labor might not seem fair. It might even look more like certain death than competition. But there will always be a few whiners and foot-draggers, guys who cling to the door screaming.

They might go more quietly if they were convinced that everyone would be out there with them fighting for their lives; if they didnt suspect there are some who not only will not be out there, but who own the entire infrastructure and will be someplace else altogether, raking in profits from the spectacleshadowy manipulators, whom the rest of us are not supposed to know about. They are to be like ancient gods, unseen except upon those rare occasions when they intervene to tip the balance this way or that, according to their inscrutable designs. Their presence is to be intuited and greatly feared.

Meanwhile, the common people, the un-chosen, the un-rich and un-endowed, are being herded into this new global arena at the ends of cattle prods. Even the Senators and Presidents, strutting in with their red noses, concubines and sycophants, are just players for the day, hired to give the show the blush of reality, to convince everyone that this is Real Life, as God and Nature intended it, and that there is no alternative, and certainly no escape. And what a spectacle it is! Slaughter! Gore! Orgies in the boxes! Oh the breathtaking, lascivious splendor of it all!

But should those actually down in the arena fighting for their lives learn that privileged others are stage-managing their deaths and chortling all the while among themselves at the gullible stupidity of the mob and their own cleverness, there might be Hell to pay! The whole phantasmagoria might disappear in the twinkling of an eye, as if it never were!

And I suspect it would.

Consequently, any who might betray their schemes from within, or be bold or lucky enough to stumble upon their hidden workings from without, must be discredited or silenced. And thus we have the absurd farce of a controlled media shouting from its many mouths, There are no conspiracies!

Perhaps this cat-and-mouse game with the populace is a kind of entertainment for the World Coliseums owners and operators, what with its narrow escapes and cloak-and-dagger stuff. Its probably great fun. But it has its risks. Every now and then these backstage string-pullers are forced to take an obvious hand in events, perhaps even kill someone. For example, murder a leader who has seen what is going on and threatens to expose the whole deadly swindle.

Such an occasion, I believe, was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Whether his murder was a coup detat is debatable, since the sinister forces that killed him have been indirectly controlling the government for years, moving presidents and congressmen around like pieces on a chessboard. But it certainly was a seizure of the Executive Branch. One hundred years from now, historians will look back on November 22, 1963, as the date when a Presidential Dictatorship was established in the United States.

Whatever Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn might argue to the contrary, John Kennedy was not a member of the secret network which is putting together the New World Order and its mechanisms of market genocide. He was an outsider, an Irish Catholic intruder with populist leanings who had the perspicacity, wealth, self-confidence and popularity to actually threaten to slip their controls. By the time of his American University speech, he had broken through the phony stagecraft of the Cold War, was unmasking the international criminal syndicates, fighting bribery and corruption in government, and beginning to rein in the financial and banking scams which were looting the nations wealth. He was also moving to block the spread of U.S. nuclear weapons technology to Russia and China via Israel.

These clandestine, would-be lords murdered Kennedy in the usual wayanonymously. There were no bragging letters to the newspapers, no claims of responsibility. The masses were never to know who actually did it. And they almost got away with it. Lee Harvey Oswald, the designated patsy, was no doubt to have been shot while resisting arrestmost likely by Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit. He was certainly never to have lived long enough to talk. His arrest was a major crisis.

Oswald had to be killed, and to do so the conspirators had briefly to come out of hiding. Thus it was that we, the hoi polloi, were treated to a glimpse of the Hidden Ones at work. It was a mythological moment, like seeing Apollo on the field of battle.

Not being used to such prodigies, we almost missed it. There was Jack Ruby among the newsmen in the basement of the Dallas Police Station saying, Fair Play for Cuba Committee. The sight should have sent a shudder down our spines, made our blood run cold, our hair stand on end. It was a portent, a sign that our Controllers were near. After an appropriate lull came the sudden intervention in all its terrible finality, searing itself into memory: Ruby rushing forward out of the crowd to shoot Oswald as he was being transferred to the County Sheriffs Office.

To all appearances Jack Ruby was an ordinary mortal, one of us. The owner of a night club, a strip joint that was not doing well. A guy who had failed in business. A man with no connections. A private citizen. A person motivated only by grief and sympathy for Mrs. Kennedy.

But not really. He was Jack Rubenstein, a hit man for the Jewish mob. A professional murderer. Meyer Lanskys bag man in Dallas. The guy you had to go to if you wanted permission to bring drugs into the city. The fixer, who bribed judges and policemen. A user of people, arrogant, careful and shrewd. A very dangerous man, actually, behind his clownish mask. A member of a ruthless syndicate of indefinable dimensions that is like a cancer, tenacious and seemingly deathless. In Jack Ruby we catch sight of the hand, if not the face, of our concealed rulers, of those who were at that moment taking over the Executive Branch of government, and who have since been using its instruments to quietly establish the legal and political framework for controlling the country and, perhaps, the world.

It is why Peter Dale Scott, in his book Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, calls Jack Ruby the key to unlocking the mystery of Kennedys assassination. By following the trail leading from Ruby, like a string into a Labyrinth, we can find our way not to just the murderers of Kennedy, but to the domestic and international conspiracy that is tightening its grip on our lives, that plans to keep us fighting each other in desperate ignorance, like Roman gladiators, until we have defeated ourselves, and only a discouraged, pliant remnant is left.

-- IN (, April 04, 2000.

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