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I have a question concerning the nature of "a sense of place" and civic/public art. Does public art give a city or town a "sense of place"? And if so, how? I'm also looking for research that may have been or is currently being conducted on these topics.

-- Amanda Mead (, April 02, 2000


hi Amanda,

Well Ithis doesnt relate DIRECTLY to public art, however it does give some excellent disscusion points on public behavior, that you may find useful. I used it for my dissertation and its an amazing read! Its a book called 'No sense of place- the impact of electronic media on social behaviour' Joshua Meyrowitz. New York:Oxford uni press 1985. Hope this helps. Leona.

-- Leona Matuszczak (, January 20, 2001.

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Hello Amanda, I am an artist. wood is my medium of choice. I was commissioned recently by my government to carve, from used hydro poles, characters from world myth and legend and place them along our waterfront trail. The resulting installation was very successful. What I created for the residents, for the community was a sence of place. Please visit the project web site at and write back to me. I have not yet figured out exactly what all I did that was so right for establishing place but I did stumble onto a few things. When you write back I will be more than happy to compare notes. Have a good day.

Dorsey James

-- Dorsey James (, October 14, 2002.

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