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Water shortage in Indus, Kinjhar hits standing crops

..........THATTA (April 2) : Entire lower Sindh, specially, Thatta district is facing an agricultural crisis due to complete closure of non-perennial and other canals resulting from acute shortage of water in Indus and in Kinjhar lake.

..........All canals are closed for past over one month. The Sindh government's notification formally issued for press, local councils, and other concerned had said that, "there will be no flow of water in any of the off-taking canals originating from Kinjhar lake ie Sakro Branch RD Zedro to RD 163 and Jam Branch RD 83 to RD 188."

..........Due to lack of water there was not much sowing of Rabbi crops, but the existing and standing crops of sugarcane and small holdings of vegetable crops have been hit due to water shortage. ..........Under these conditions, the main forthcoming Kharif crop would also suffer. ..........Agricultural experts said this acute shortage of water in Sindh, especially, lower Sindh and Thatta district would badly effect the people of these areas economically as existing crops of sugarcane and vegetables have been damaged due to lack of water.

..........Kinjhar Lake has been sealed for irrigation purpose, so as to supply water to Karachi. The water level at the lake is declining day by day.

..........However, in case, there is no supplement of water in Indus from up country, then the existing stores in Kinjhar would fall down to a low level within a week's time and there would no water supply to Karachi.

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-- Martin Thompson (, April 02, 2000

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