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Check out my web page for a wide variety of fine art including Black and White images that I would love a critique from you have an artistice eye!! Thanks!

-- Carole Foret (, April 01, 2000


Carole, Your site looks really nice, or what I can see of it. When I try to click on the B&W photos, I get an error from IE4 and it locks up my pc. Again, what I can see looks good, but after two attempts, I'm afraid I'll stay away for awhile.

-- Mike Castles (, April 16, 2000.

Carole, Just wanted to let you know that I DID go back to your site, and it was worth the earlier problems. Nice job, and good luck.


-- Mike Castles (, April 22, 2000.

Carole, Very nice. Enjoyed your Train Depot & Stairway to Heaven. In oil loved the Emerald Pond. The way the sky is done is awesome. Promise to stop by another time. Kind regards, Alexei

-- Alexei (, April 28, 2000.

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