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Does anyone know of an online resource listing Minox serial number ranges and manufacturing dates? I'm trying to find out when my IIIs was made (117 xxx).

-- Ken Ford (, April 01, 2000


Ken, your IIIs was made in 1957.

There is rough SN vs model in the thread "Minox 8x11 models". But AFAIK, there is NO such information 'online'

Both Hubert Heckmann's "Minox Variation in 8x11" and Morris Moses/J. Wade "Spycamera The MINOX Story" has detailed serial number vs year. That is where I get the model year for you.

Any one or both of these books are must have for any Minox users interested in factual details.

But it is unethical to copy these material to put in on any website, unless H.H or M.M themselves does it--- Both these authors spent great many years in research to collect such detail facts.

These books are still available at site.

-- martin tai (, April 02, 2000.

-- martin tai (, October 14, 2001.

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