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On the 3rd February 2000, I was contacted by solicitors acting for Abbey National Plc in respect of a shortfall claim - just one week before the 11 February cut off date.

Because I had heard nothing from Abbey National for over ten years, like a fool I responded that same day (not knowing anything about the Mortgage Lenders Voluntary Code). Boy, do I feel stupid!

The question is, just how hard and fast is the '11 February rule'?

-- Charlie Cozens (, April 01, 2000


i have heard today that the court of appeal in the abbey v holman was settled and the abbey agreed to drop the debt, this will say in effect, take me all the way to court, ill fight you, and they will swallow it . im in the same boat as you, lets see what happens.


-- SAM STOCKMAN (SSSSaMMMM@AOL.COM), April 10, 2000.

Thanks for that Sam; I subscribe to Butterworths Direct (, I'll look this case up (Abbey National v. Holman) and post any relevant details here.

-- Charlie Cozens (, April 10, 2000.

Charlie, contact me if you need further information. I've a 'file' on the 6/12 year 'rule', including relevant correspondence with lenders, and case law. (With a special interest in Abbey, as it happens.) Incidentally, the voluntary Mortgage Code is abused by lenders constantly, and the Financial Services Authority admiited to knowing this to the Treasury Committee (a powerful parliamenty committee) just a couple of months ago. 'Be careful out there'. Good luck, Eleanor.

-- Eleanor Scott (, July 30, 2000.

Thanks Eleanor, I would be most interested to receive ANY information you are able to provide.

Things have moved on a little since my last posting to this bulletin board. I have told Dipp Lupton & Alsop that I'm pot-less, so go ahead and sue me. I've demonstrated that I'm insolvent, on paper anyway. They sent a couple of threatening letters, which I replied to, telling them to forget it. I said all you guys are doing is incurring costs for your client, because you ain't gonna get a penny from me. Since then it's all gone very quiet. I guess their making me sweat.

So, send me what you can and thanks again ;)


-- Charlie Cozens (, July 30, 2000.

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