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Outdoor plant, vine....
I am paranoid I won't take care of it. It's hard to find any info on the net other than "water regularly." What is regularly? On a bike ride this AM, I asked a woman outside who had the same plant (it's popular i the bay area) how often she did. She said when it's hot out, once a week, but that she abuses her plants to a degree. the jasmine looked fine.
Don't want to water too much, some leaves have gotten a little brown at the tips, usually a sign of too much water, I thought, but they are dried and brown at the tips. I SO don't want it to die! Anyone have one of these plants and know how often to water it?

-- Lunesse (, April 01, 2000


Well...if it still lives, stick your finger in the dirt about 1/2 inch (1.25cm) & see if it is moist. If so, don't water, wait & enjoy. If your finger comes back dry, it needs water....

Came to you via saranwrap (dori) though I can't remember how I found myself there... (Yes, I think in elipses...never finish anything - luckily software is never finished....)

-- Charles Barnard (, August 08, 2000.

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