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A recent review of the DV500 by Sue Farrants in Computer Video had some scathing comments to make on the standard Fujinon 14 X 7.3 lens supplied with this camera, Sue Farrants wrote:

It was obvious that the Fujinon 14 X 7.3 lens was letting the camera down. We expected to see top quality DV footage but what we got was disappointingly soft, especially at wider apertures and generally not a great deal better than good S-VHS.

However, using the Fujinon 17 X 6.6 the reviewer goes on to state that the footage was the best she had ever seen from DV.

Is this a fair criticism? Would buyers be better off paying the extra money and getting the 17 X 6.6 lens?

-- Garry Platt (garry@gplatt.demon.co.uk), April 01, 2000


Well....the standard lense is not the best, yes it doesn't do the camera justice, but I find that the quality is still as good if not a bit better than the XL1. If you have the cash I would suggest a more expensive lense...fuji has a s19x6.5B12U that is worth looking into.

-- Perry Auch (smoothoperator007@Juno.com), November 21, 2000.

Buy a dvc-pro with a pro lens. Spend no less than 10g's or else buy a vx2000. the dv500'sa re hype. big bulky dv cameras.

-- scott g (Scottwgurn@adelphia.net), February 18, 2002.

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